TORQ P120 Smartphone Review at!

torq p120 “The main feature on the front is, of course, the screen. The 2.8 inch LCD has a resolution of 240×320 pixels. The screen is very bright, clear and easy to see even with the backlight at half strength. Near the top of the device, on either side of the screen, are two status LEDs. The one to the left of the screen flashes blue when the Bluetooth radio is enabled and flashes amber when the Wifi radio is turned on. With both radios on, you get two flashing colors.” Read this nice review here:

Nokia GPS module improves mobile navigation

Nokia has expanded the reach of location based services with the GPS Module LD-3W, a handset accessory that works with many of the company’s own Bluetooth devices.The result is a much improved position and destination finder without accompanying heavy equipment. For example, a consumer who has a handset connected to the LD-3W is able to determine his or her precise location with up to five meters accuracy. Also available is a digital map showing the path from current location to destination. This is a greater improvement over its predecessor, the LD-1W.”Location based services, such as navigation and point-of-interest search for hotels and restaurants are becoming increasingly popular with consumers,” says Aage Snorgaard, Nokia’s Senior Vice President for Mobile Phones. The LD-3W will be demonstrated at the 3GSM World Congress next week and will begin to sold in just a few weeks. via

Nindendo DS Lite Comes in Three Colors

Nindendo DS Lite Comes in Three Colors Technology News, Electronics Buy Guide and Gadget Review The recently announced new Nintendo DS Lite is coming in three colors in Japan. Japanese gamers get to choose between the standard crystal white, ice blue and enamel navy. As reported the Nindendo DS Lite will launch in Japan on March 2nd. There is still no word on when the DS Lite will be available in the United States or Europe.The Japanese Nintendo DS Lite site has several hi-res photos and a 360 degree spin worth checking out. The DS Lite is definitely an improvement in appearance of the DS. Of course you can pre-order a Japanese market Nintendo DS Lite for instance on Play-Asia. They sell it for $169.90, which is $20 on top of the Japanese price. via

FSecure expands the antivirus offering for Nokia S60 based smartphones

F-Secure and Nokia today announced that F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus will be available through Nokia to the users of four recently announced devices based on S60 3rd Edition – Nokia N71, Nokia E60, Nokia E61 and Nokia E70.For the Nokia N71, F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus will be distributed on the memory card in the standard device sales package, while for the Nokia Eseries devices, the antivirus client will be available at Nokia Catalogs service.F-Secure and Nokia have been cooperating in the area of increasing content security for years and have jointly developed distribution models for antivirus solutions. From 2004 onwards, F Secure Mobile Anti-Virus clients have already been available through Nokia to the users of select Nokia’s smartphone models. In addition, F Secure Mobile Anti-Virus clients have been included into some operator variants of Nokia’s mobile devices.Importing the antivirus software into the mobile device is an easy solution for the user. Once the antivirus client has been installed in the device, the user only needs to activate the antivirus update service.”As the market leader, Nokia is determined to be active in the development of security controls and preventive measures against malicious software. Providing antivirus software such as the F-Secure antivirus clients for select devices is a natural step in our aim to bring the most advanced security features into S60-based smartphones,” said Seppo Laukkanen, Vice President, Product Management, Nokia. via