ASUS P305 3G Smartphone (Asus Galaxy)

“ASUSTeK Computer Inc (ASUS) today previewed one of the most compact 3G smartphones in the world to date–the P305, at the 3GSM World Congress . As a Windows Mobile 5.0 powered 3G smartphone, the P305 offers powerful multimedia and productivity features that allow users to be more productive and truly experience a mobile lifestyle. “The P305 has superior processing power that can be leveraged for 3G services and multimedia enjoyment. It is the first 3G phone that is both compact and offers mobile office capability as in PDAs, making it a terrific all-around business companion.”, said Jonney Shih, CEO of ASUSTek Computer Inc. Video Telephony brings people closer Essentially representing the ultimate 3G technology, video calls have become the signature requirement of any 3G mobile phone, but this is often met with poor processing power that limits streaming capabilities and handicaps the primary purpose. ASUS has overcome such hurtle, by possessing video telephony technology that is both ready and available now. The high-speed CPU in the P305 smartphone offers superior processing speed that outperforms any 3G mobile phones in the market with 384Kbps downlink/uplink transfer rate. This translates into fluid and smooth video call on the P305, letting users fully enjoy talking and seeing each other. Higher productivity and better entertainment Running on Windows Mobile 5.0 with Direct Push Technology, the P305 will provides instant updating of Microsoft Office Outlook Email, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks when synchronizing with Exchange Server 2003 to ensure users are always up to date while on the move. The P305 also provides an outstanding multimedia experience with Internet Explorer and an integrated multimedia suite (including Windows Media Player 10 Mobile) for users to enjoy music and video in a variety of audio formats, including MP3, AMR, AAC, WAV and WMA, as well as streaming MPEG-4 video. Wireless support and expandability With built-in compatibility for Bluetooth 1.2 and IrDA, the P305 to be used as a diminutive mobile storage device for any files types and multimedia content. The mini-SD expansion card slot also allows for additional memory for storing a wide range of content including music, games, photos and video.With 3G capabilities along with the power and functionality of Windows Mobile 5.0 in a small and sleek form factor, the P305 offers endless hours of fun while serving as mobile business companion.

xWeather For PalmOS version 0.0.48 Beta is out!

xWeather For PalmOS 5.x : Tabbed interface for easy one hand navigation. Profile manager to create, delete or rename profiles and track weather in multiple locations. Nexrad radar and Satellite images, user configurable custom map urls. Display weather alerts, watches and warnings. Map images are viewed with a user friendly interface which allows panning images with the stylus Automatically remembers location of panned image per profile.Version 0.0.48b (released 2.11.06) Profile Creation by City and State Disconnect Menu Item Automatic Disconnect After Refresh (User configurable) Connection Indicator with Signal Strength Fast Profile Switching (User configurable) Copy/Paste Pulldown Menu in Advanced Profile Settings Some GUI Enhancements to Profile Manager Fixed a bug that could cause resets Download it at

SIM free Blackberry rival turns heads

SIM-free Blackberry rival turns heads
It sounds like gadget madness. A Blackberry-style handheld that has a full QWERTY keyboard, web browser and organiser functions – but no SIM card to get online.Made by Sanyo, the WiPoq instead uses Bluetooth to connect to your mob and thence on to the world using the phone’s data connection. It’s the first in what the company describes as a series of handheld companions for your phone, with TV and music versions also in the pipeline.At this juncture, you may be wondering why you’d get a WiPoq over a Blackberry. Bear with us. This little emailer is, in fact, perfect for anyone who owns and loves a feature-light fashion phone – such as Stuff stalwart, the Moto RAZR V3 – and only occasionally wants to do more serious and business-y jobs while they’re on the go. Think of it as a modular phone like, well, modular furniture. In addition to its email talents, the WiPoq has a stack of other messaging tricks up its skinny 17mm thick sleeve. There’s an instant messaging app – we don’t know yet which IM services it’ll work with – plus PIM functions displayed in an Outlook fashion. The companion’s web browsing talents are likely to beat your fashion phone’s, too, as it has an HTML browser to let you browse proper sites, be it eBay or your mates’ blogs.No pricing yet, but we do know it’ll launch here sometime between April and June. Stay tuned and graze in the meantime at Wipoq’s site. via