3GSM Congress 2006. Symbian, Linux, Windows Mobile

“Main event of the exhibition for communicators and smartphones market was Palm’s announcement of new operating system based on Linux core. Another surprise was large amount of new models based on Windows Mobile and Symbian. We knew about most of new communicators before their official announcement at the congress due to numbers of leaks, but Palm’s new OS became something truly new, especially since it was announced during Day 2, when most people left hope for something new after Day 1.” Check out this great article at mobile-review to learn all about the new models at 3GSM!

Flash Video: Nokia N70 Review at slashphone.com!

Nokia and Sony Ericsson Partner for DVB-H Mobile Digital TV Technology News, Electronics Buy Guide and Gadget Review Imagine that you are heading out the door one morning. You check for your stuff – keys, wallet, bag or purse, and cell phone. If you’re traveling light, that’s probably about it. The daily essentials. If you have a cell phone you’re sure to bring it along. And, if you have the Nokia N70 you’ll be bringing along a lot more than you might imagine. Watch this Nokia N70 video review here. From slashphone.com via dlmag.com

Panasonic powers first Japanese DTV phone with Linux

P901iTV, in black(Click to enlarge)Panasonic is shipping a Linux-based mobile handset capable of receiving digital or analog television. The “P901iTV” features a pivoting 2.5-inch color LCD, and works with NTT DoCoMo’s 3G network in Japan. Digital TV services will launch in Japan this spring, DoCoMo says.Panasonic jointly developed its Linux mobile phone stack with NEC, which also supplies phones for NTT DoCoMo’s 3G networks. Panasonic (Matsushita) and NEC have both invested in MontaVista, and use its Linux OS in a variety of mobile phone designs, such as the new dual-mode 902-series DoCoMo phones. DoCoMo is also a MontaVista investor. The P901iTV runs MontaVista Linux, a MontaVista spokesman confirmed.NTT DoCoMo says the P901iTV is its first mobile handset to receive terrestrial digital broadcasting signals, as well as conventional analog signals. It says the phone was created “in response to the planned launch of mobile digital broadcasting in April 2006.”The P901iTV features a 2.5-inch QVGA (320 x 240 pixel) TFT (thin-film transistor) LCD supporting 262K colors. The display actuates the TV receiver when it is pivoted sideways, and the display can also be twisted and folded open against the rest of the wallet-like phone. Panasonic claims that up to three hours of continuous digital TV viewing is possible, or up to one hour of analog TV viewing. More at linuxdevices.com

Review CDMA phone LG LP5500/LG KV5500/LG SV550

“A year ago our readers had a chance to take a closer look at the first handset, featuring a 5 mpix camera – particularly it was Samsung SCH-S250. Today we’re offering you one more review of another device with 5 mpix camera onboard – this time manufactured by LG. This very model has a number of indexes, e.g. LG SV550 – non-operator index, and the mobile operators gave it the name of LG KV5500, LG LP5500 (LG TeleCom). The core difference between the latter two devices is the menu’s appearance and the label itself, but not the functionality. Since the version we are currently reviewing has been released for LG Telecom mobile operator, we will accordingly use LG LP5500 index.” Read this great review at mobile-review.

Viliv P1 PMP to tackle iPod Video in the US

Some people have said that this is what the iPod Video should have been. Unlike so many other tasty gadgets we hear about being released somewhere in Asia, the Viliv P1 Portable Media Player is actually coming to the United States. It was originally released to the Korean market last summer. Developed by Yukyung Technologies, the Viliv P1 comes with a good-sized 4-inch widescreen TFT display, which can show off everything from Macromedia Flash to MPEG 1/2/4. If the 30 gigabytes of on-board memory isn’t enough for you, you can throw in a compact flash card to keep the “unlimited excitement” (as labelled under the screen) going. Audio support comes in the way of MP3s, WMAs, and even OGGs, as well as FM radio reception.Battery life is pretty good, with 6 hours of video viewing, or 11 hours of audio. This DivX and Xvid playing PMP should be hitting American and Canadian shelves sometime this March. via mobilemag.com

TMP (Time Manager Pad) 1.7 review at pda247.com

PhoneMag Image“We strive for order in our personal and professional lives and one of the tools we use is a personal digital assistant or PDA. PDA’s come with a multitude of software applications to help us keep track of mundane yet important information we might otherwise try to store in our heads or on post-it notes. Although I personally never used them, post it notes adorn my monitor and desk as others find it necessary to give them to me as gentle reminders of my inability to remember such things.. In order to appeal to the masses, the software that comes with a PDA (Palm) is designed to be easy. And to a point, limited. The programs are a great way to learn how to use a digital assistant, but in most cases, eventually you’ll need something more. Since starting using a PDA I have become more organized. Or at least I now have a place to put all of this “important” information and can get to it easily and quickly when needed. I have used a lot of programs that claim to be better at organizing my schedule. Most of them (if they are still being developed regularly) are still around in some form or another and, like my kids, are growing larger, and at times, work about as well. One of the newer programs I found is TMP (Time Manager Pad). TMP may not be as well know as some of the other programs, however, it is one of those unique programs you can’t ignore because the developer has taken the key element of the palm software (easiness) and improved it. And I have found what I think is a nice piece of software.” Read this nice review here: