Mio A701: The All In One GPS available now in Europe

Mobilewhack.com has some great news about Mio A701 Gps phone”Don’t worry, the Mio torrent is still on. Showcased at CeBIT 2006, the Mio A701 is one of the most prolific GPS devices that I’ve come across in recent times. First, it’s a tri-band GSM/GPRS cell phone that runs Windows Mobile 5. Next, it uses a SiRFstar III GPS receiver to provide positioning information. Best of all, the A701 comes in a handy package.Anything with so much of features has to have a big screen and the A701 does not disappoint. Check out the big 2.7″ TFT screen. For fun, Mio has also included a 1.3 megapixel camera. Of course, Bluetooth is provided as well for your wireless needs.The A701 comes with a decent amount of on-board memory – 192 megs. Anyone that’s ever used a PDA phone knows that’s never enough, so Mio also provides a SD/MMC slot to up the memory to 2GB. A compass on the device provides the usual distance to location as well as compass arrow.Looking up points of interest is a breeze: at the touch of a button, you can access the nearest restaurants or entertainment houses along the way. An interesting feature is the ability of the device to send GPS co-ordinates via text messages – using which you can inform your friends with the A701 of your location.Priced at €649 (with Mio Maps) and €549 (without Maps), the Mio A701 is available now in Europe. Mio’s website. US and Asia release soon.”

Official: Sony PS3 DELAYED Until November

Official: Sony PS3 DELAYED Until November Technology News, Electronics Buy Guide and Gadget Review We all anticipated it, but now it still hits home hard. Sony officially delays the global launch of the Sony PS3 to November 2006. Sony issued a press-release saying that the PS3 will be released in the first 3rd of November simultaneously in the United States, Europe and Japan. At least this is good news. Sony plans to have 1 million PS3 production capacity per month to achieve a successful global launch. We will see if they can pull it off. Sony also talks about that the PS3 will use Dual Layer Blue-ray discs with 50GB capacity. Another interesting feature is a Gigabit Ethernet adapter that Sony says will be present in the Playstation 3. via i4u.com

Enslave is out for Pocket PC!

Your mission is to guide the Earth’s most technically advanced ship – ‘Alienator’ – through the empty vastness of space to galactic domination. Exterminate those creepy aliens who dare to live on the same spiral arm of the galaxy as you, and take their planets.Fly thru space full of space monsters, alien ships and space debris, earn money and make upgrades in interstellar shops, seek alien planets, land and Enslave’em!Enslave Features: Unique rich and addictive gameplay – fight in space and on planets! Whole Galaxy to Explore and Enslave, randomly generated every time you start. An outstanding, amazingly beautiful graphics. 20 different planets with excellent futuristic environments. 5 alien races, each with their own abilities, strategy and weapons. A whole of 50+ weapons for your spaceship, landbots and enemies, including plasma guns, particle cannons, gatling lazers, homing missiles, phasor shotguns, ion spheres and more! Lots of nice bonuses and upgrades for both ship and landing bot. Interstellar shop with a 25 items to choose from, including 3 different landing bots, each with his own unique weapon. Advanced particles with beautiful alpha effects like explosions, fire, smoke and sparkles. Nice controls, specially optimized for stylus and pda buttons. Finely crafted sound effects and music. Support for VGA devices and Windows Mobile 5. Check it Here:

Motorola A1200 smartphone transformed to Motorola MING

“Motorola has unveiled the name of its new smartphone Motorola MING, which was earlier known as the A1200. The company also confirmed the shipments to distributors have already been started in Hong Kong. According to the press release the Chinese hieroglyph “ming” represents a combination of the symbol of the sun and the moon meaning brightness, openness and understanding.The MING smartphone is powered by Linux OS. It has a translucent flip cover for the touchscreen LCD. The smartphone is equipped with Intel PXA270 processor, a 2-megapixel camera, an MP3-player, a stereo FM radio and Bluetooth interface. There is the support of document view, manuscript text recognition, POP3 e-mail and optical symbol recognition.” via mobile-review.com

Wine Enthusiast Guide 2006 2.0 for Palm OS

The new version 2.0 introduces over 120 enhancements to reaffirm its place as the premier mobile companion for choosing, evaluating, managing and enjoying wine.With a few key strokes you can instantly access up-to-date details, reviews, ratings and retail prices for over 34,000 wines world wide. That’s over three times the number included in previous editions and represents every wine reviewed by Wine Enthusiast Magazine.The user interface has been completely revised to take advantage of the latest high resolution widescreens and special attention given to optimizing one handed smartphone operation.The Wine Enthusiast 2.0 also provides a simple yet powerful mechanism for importing and exporting personal wine lists to and from a computer. Now you can effortlessly import your existing cellar details and use your handheld to help track the multiple aspects of a growing wine collection.Key FeaturesBuying Guide now includes over three times the number of wines included in previous yearsImport/Export wine cellar lists to/from computerNew data formats require 20% less space, support faster searching and fully support memory cardsFull support for High resolution widescreen displaysCompletely revised user interface with full support for one handed D-pad navigationImproved searching and sortingVintage and harvest quality data expanded to 113 Check it here: