Archos AV700 has dual digital tuners, DVR, 40GB or 100GB HDD

Archos new PMP looks great with two digital tuners, a 7-inch LCD display and 40GB or 100 GB hard drive!”A unique mobile Digital Video Recorder offering direct TV recording and the best of home cinema on the go on a 7″ wide color screen. 7″ color wide screen 40 or 100 GB hard drive Easy setup Pod for TV recording & video playback Control your VCR, Cable or Satellite receiver Record directly TV or make scheduled recordings Photo wallet & music player Enjoy up to 400 hours of video or 250 movies on the go” Check it here:

Nokia Announces T One: Voice and Data at Home and On the Road

“Nokia is using its and E60 and N80, devices to study whether you really can have it all: voice and data on both fixed lines and on the road. The Finnish phone giant has gotten together with the Deutsche Telekom group and announced T-One, an integrated dual-mode telephony system that’s aiming to bring you the best of both worlds. The coolness here is that once this is available, you’ll be able to access exactly the same voice and data connections wherever you are, at home or out there in the real world, by using a T-Com HotSpot, which is presumably a whole lot bigger than a WiFi hotspot. Nokia didn’t announce when this dual-mode service would be available to mere mortals, but with its N80 and E60 devices—convergence phones that are able to support SIP-based Internet calls and GSM, WCDMA and WLAN networks—the company is well-positioned to make this happen. To be available in Europe only, though.” via

Yakumo deltaX 5 BT Navigator 3 for Europe

Yakumo deltaX 5 BT Navigator 3 Europe“Yakumo, a German company has presented at the CeBIT 2006 a new Pocket PC with integrated GPS, the Yakumo deltaX 5 BT Navigator 3 Europe. This new device is powered by the Samsung 2440 processor (300MH) and uses the Windows Mobile 5.0 Software for Pocket PCs as an operating system.Here is a list of the main features of this new GPS enabled device. Samsung Processor 2440 — 300 MHz512 MB ROM64 MB SDRAM3.5” TFT LC display, 240 x 320 pixelSIRF Star III (20-channel)Connector for external GPS antennaBluetooth, USB 1.1 and IRIntegrated MP3 playerIntegrated voice recorderSupports both portrait and landscape view (2d and 3d)Selectable day/night display modeNavigation Software: Marco Polo Mobile Navigator 3Prepared for TMC(via optional TMC cable)Optimised routing for different vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, walkers and caravansManual section blockingThe price of the Yakumo deltaX 5 BT Navigator 3 Europe will start from 333 Euro” via

Gigabyte both PDA phone and feature phone products at CeBIT

“At CeBIT 2006, GIGABYTE presented products from both its PDA phone and feature phone families. g-Smart i and g-YoYo were first announced in CeBIT.g-Smart i is the second generation to g-Smart and is smaller and lighter with a pure PDA look for the all-PDA lovers. g-Smart i do not have keypad, the touch screen allows you to input the text and number. It does have a d-pad navigation button, and easy access to media player control.The g-Smart i comes with a 2 megapixel camera, an the memory can be expanded through the microSD slot. The pda phone is also a TV receiver, let you receive TV programme directly.” More photoes at