Sony to lead the game console market till 2010

PhoneMag Image“Sony will continue its domination of the video console market through 2010, though its lead will likely shrink due to stronger competition from Microsoft and Nintendo, reports In-Stat ( Through 2010, the Sony PS3 will account for just over 50% of the installed base of next-generation consoles, while the Microsoft Xbox 360 will have 28.6%, and the Nintendo Revolution will have 21.2%, the high-tech market research firm says.“Microsoft will outship Nintendo in the next generation of consoles due to its head start in launching, its strength in the North American market, and its appeal to older gamers, a demographic that seems to widen with each new generation of consoles,” says Brian O’Rourke, In-Stat analyst.” Read this report here:

The LG SD910 and its Duo Slide Design

“Here’s a new and very original phone by LG in Korea. as you can see, the Duo Slide allows you to open the phone vertically to free up the phone pad and horizontally for the multimedia services. On top of that, it also has a 1.3MP camera, an MP3 player and MBank options for payments. It’s available in Korea only at SK Telecom.” More photoes of this new phone at

Destinator 6 GPS Navigation preview at!

“An extension of the TMC service will be introduced together with Destinator 6: Thanks to new technology it will be possible to have international, up-to-date traffic information for a one-time license fee. Destinator 6 will be the first mobile system to combine the use of freely available information broadcast by radio stations and realtime traffic flow data from premium specialist service providers (for example RAC Trafficmaster RDS TMC in the UK) transmitted straight to the navigation device. Only a one off fee is needed instead of the user paying for a rolling subscription.” Read this preview here:

Awox mediaCTRL Media Center on Mobile Phone

smartphone2.jpg“The European hardware and software company AwoX just unveiled the mediaCTRL application for Smart Phone WiFi which by a click of a button transforms a phone in to a super screen remote control This will help in you viewing images on your TV, hear music on your stereo and see films stored on your PC.It also makes a mobile in to a server to view images and other files.AwoX has made it extremely easy to use and in about three steps you can launch mediaCTRL. Thus you need to just install the cd, synchronise your phone and plug your TV, Stereo etc either via cables or wirelessly. The aggregation of the media and the connection of the equipment on WiFi are automatic thanks to UPnP technology. The software will be available during 2nd quarter 2006 and no word on pricing yet.” via