Flash Video: Motorola MING A1200 GUI

“Here is an Motorola MING walkthrough by mobilport.hu. Motorola MING is a linux smartphone with a fairly small size for a smartphone. The phone doesn’t have keypad, and all input is done via the touch screen and stylus. Software like emailing, browser, calculator, msn instant messaging, photo editor, piscal viewer and real player are included. It looks like the browser also support multiple windows at the same time, making it easier for browsing different websites at the same time. See the demonstration here

The Cowon iAudio6 arrives in Japan!

“Yes! Cowon’s little bomb is hitting the Japanese stores next month. I was this close to getting an iPOD, but since this one is coming out, I’m going to wait!cowon’s new bomb!!!!!!!Cowon has unveiled their latest player at the CES, the Iaudio6. This DMP is just absolutely great and super-small, but it still contains a 0.85″ HDD of 4GB. It made my wish list already, and when you look at the specs, I’m sure I won’t be the only one.The specs:0.85-inch hard drive, 4gb1.3-inch OLED display (260k colors)Plays MPEG-4 videoPlays MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC, & WAV audioSupports WMA10 DRM (Janus)JPEG pictures viewingText file viewingFM radio, recordingVoice recordingLine-input audio recordingUSB Host (USB OTG)Touch-sensitive and mechanical controls” via akihabaranews.com

Yammy Yammy for Palm OS just updated to v1.2

“The new revolutionary puzzler with cartoon ‘Hi-Res+’ graphics.• Game Objective:The idea of the game is not to make three or more of anything. 🙂 You play at two cauldrons which a cannibal is controlling! You must make the right recipe to feed him!Just try to move fruits so that you have in the same line of each cauldron the same fruits. Each line doesnt need to be full of fruits. (Even one is enough).• Tips:• The lower of the cauldron you make ‘matches’ the more points you get.• If you are moving around fruits without making ‘matches’ the cannibal gets angry and raises the fire of the cauldron you are playing.• If you need to drop a fruit which is on the top of each cauldron just click on it.• If you need to drop both of the fruits on the top of the cauldrons click on the cannibal. (You will have to wait some seconds until you can do that twice.)— 30/Mar/2006 Update to v1.2 —* Redraw issue fixed when receiving call in Treo 650/600.” Check it here:

Sky Force for Palm OS Review

Yakumo deltaX 5 BT Navigator 3 Europe “Actual gameplay is superb. This singe-player only game start off modestly challenge and only grows more difficult with each second of constant action. Enemies come at the player in regular but still frantic patterns. I had my hands full trying to destroy the opposing fighters and gun installations. Additional challenges are offered in the form of stranded prisoners to rescue on the ground and powerups and bonus stars to collect. I unfortunately shot more of the prisoners than I was able to rescue–fortunately, SkyForce doesn’t penalize you too much for this and you can continue on to the next level. Powerups are crucial to being able to complete the game. The ship’s initial gun is barely capable of defeating the weakest enemies. After three or four power-up balls things improve slightly. Like some other titles in the genre, including the Palm OS’s own Zap, the loss of your ship releases the stored powerups so you CAN grab most them if you act quickly. You also have a mega weapon that you can unleash on a screen full of enemies but I found myself using that less frequently than my main guns simply because I did not want to have to reposition any fingers to trigger it! Each stage has a boss enemy of sorts (or bosses). Level four’s massive bomber, reminiscent of a highly stylized B-29, is jaw dropping.” Read this nice review here:

Is Palm Building their own OS?

Palm Treo 650 Better than Windows Treo 700w Technology News, Electronics Buy Guide and Gadget Review Palminfocenter has a great rumor about the future of Palm with Linux”Rumor Speculation is in the air again that Palm Inc is working on their own operating system for future mobile devices. David Beers is reporting on his blog that a analyst “in the know” privately confirmed that Palm is experimenting with developing its own Linux based operating system. David writes, The analyst I communicated with by email has been privy to Palm’s plans in the past, so I asked if he could confirm my conclusion that Palm is writing their own Linux OS. He did, and they are. […] “We know about it. Palm has stated on several occasions than 80% of their engineers are software engineers, they are perfectly able to design their own operating system and are working on it.” Job postings for Linux development first began to appear on Palm’s job site back in August 2005. At the time, Palm was hiring linux software engineers, smartphone browser developers as well as a positions for mobile handset development. David Beers also points out that there is a current listing for a Linux engineer that specifically mentions development of a new “software platform.” Rumors that Palm was planning a Linux based feature-phone were also published last October. Linux enthusiasts have also made some progress on getting a home-brew version of Linux operating on the Treo 650. PalmSource has been busy working on its own Linux based Access Linux Platform platform for smartphones. PalmSource does not plan to have the new operating system ready until 2007 at the earliest. “

Samsungs New SCH V850 AGPS Handset

SCH-V850“Samsung Korea has announced the introduction of their new SCH-V850 Assisted GPS handset featuring the NATE Drive navigation service.The SCH-V850 features a 262k color 2″ QVGA TFT display, 1.3MP camera, MP3 playback, video recording and playback, EVDO data transfer, IrDA connectivity, and NATE Drive services – including A-GPS navigation, real-time traffic information, and emergency assistance.The SCH-V850 measures 92 x 46 x22.5mm and is expected to be available through SK Telecom for around ₩500,000 KRW (~ $512 USD).SCH-V850 Press Release (Korean)” via samsunghq.com

Mio released a GPS navigator DigiWalker C310

“Mio Technology has announced the release of its GPS-navigator Mio DigiWalker C310 introduced in the beginning of the year. The model carries 2GB flash-memory onboard to store data, and it has an MP3-player. There is the support of step-by-step voice or text instructions in different languages, including English, French and Spanish, and also contact synchronization with Microsoft Outlook, automatically setting the most comfortable route. The memory stores preinstalled US maps (with Alaska and the Hawaii islands) with over 5 million points. The recommended price makes up $649.95.The specs of Mio DigiWalker C310:
3.5” touchscreen TFT LCD, QVGA (320×240 pixels), 65K colors
64 MB RAM and 2 GB flash-memory
GPS-module SiRF Star III (20-channel)
Li-Ion 1200 mAh battery
Battery life – 5 hours
Dimensions – 110×76.9×19.8 mm
Weight – 170 g ” via mobile-review.com