Microsoft Puts SideShow on Media Center Remote

Microsoft Puts SideShow on Media Center Remote Technology News, Electronics Buy Guide and Gadget Review “Smart little color displays are just neat. Microsoft thinks so too. We reported about the Windows Vista SideShow feature for notebooks already. Microsoft plans also to use the concept for new Windows Media Center Remote Controls. Microsoft showed at the Media Center Boot Camp at the Electronic House Expo in Orlando, Florida, that the SideShow thingy can also be implemented on a remote control. One application could be a EPG that is transmitted via wi-fi to the remote and being displayed on the Media Center Remote.” via

Navigation X950t by Via Michelin

x950t-56.jpg“Remember the old adage ‘Life’s a journey, not a destination’? Well the Navigation X-950t by Via Michelin is designed to make that journey so much better. This GPS enabled navigational system weighs only 138 grams and has a highly sensitive touch screen. Another unique feature is the UKW receiver, which updates traffic conditions every 5 minutes in real time. The traffic service is coded in the format TMC (Traffic Message Channel) and sent over through RDS (radio DATA system) within the UKW range. Other standard features includes information about hotels and other places of interest, and a “Plug and Drive” SD map. No word on pricing yet but it may be available by May. Getting directions has never been so much fun!” via