Review of ETEN G500 GSM Windows Mobile Phone with GPS

“Good news: the G500’s SiRF Star III GPS is excellent. The bad news is that you’ll need to buy GPS software, just as with the US version of the HP iPAQ 6515. Out of the box, there’s nothing you can do with the GPS, so get that software pronto or use software from your old PPC GPS. The G500 uses the latest SiRF III GPS chipset which offers significant improvements over last generation chipsets. The major features that this chipset provides are high sensitivity, lower power consumption and fast time to fix. In fact, the SiRF III chipset has been re-architected to have the equivalent to more than 200K correlators as opposed to the old sequential search process that contains only a few hundred to a few thousand correlators. The result is your GPS receiver becomes much more sensitive and can get a good signal even under dense foliage, downtown high-rise buildings and indoors in many cases which was not achievable with past generations of GPS receivers. With SiRF III your GPS has a faster time to fix, especially time to first fix (TTFF) speed. The GPS also has SBA support that includes both WAAS stations in the US and EGNOS stations in Europe. ” Read this great review here:

Video of Motorola at CTIA Wireless

Windows Mobile“This time from Motorola’s camp, we were given a tour of a number of new products and devices coming to a store near you, including new versions of the RAZR, PEBL, and others. We also got a first look at an extremely portable (and extremely small) Bluetooth headset that Motorola should be pushing soon, so keep your eyes peeled for these upcoming products.” Watch this video here:

A new Homecast PMP with Windows CE

“Here’s a newcomer from Korea, the Tvus (TV for us). This PMP should be available in Korea by the end of the month, and offers a 4.3″ screen, DMB and Windows CE. Other options will be available soon like GPS, Wibro and other. The big advantage of this device is its price of 418000 Won (364 EUR) for the 30GB version.” via