Venzero releases ONE MP3 player

“Venzero isn’t the biggest company in the world, so don’t feel bad if you’ve never heard of them. That said, their latest MP3 player, the ONE, comes packed with a whole slew of features that will get anyone’s juices going, including 8 gigabytes of built-in memory. They’ve kept the package small, with the ONE tipping the scales at less than 100 grams and measures just 98 x 58 x 14 mm, fitting snugly into any shirt pocket. There’s also a high-resolution 2-inch color display, a second USB port to mate up with other portable storage devices, and direct support for MusicMarker, a first in the business.The Shareport allows you to easily exchange content with other USB devices, including portable hard drives and thumb drives, without needing to connect either device to a computer. That’s right, the Vanzero ONE can “share in” and “share out”, thanks to the ingrated file manager. And PlaysForSure junkies will be happy to hear that the ONE does that too. The MusicMarker innovation identifies unknown songs.Look for the Vanzero ONE multimedia (yes, it does video and pictures too) player to start shipping in the middle of June with a suggested retail price of $290.” via

1 billion mobile phones in 2006

“In April it is time to sum up 1Q. Both vendors and market analysts offer their versions of quarter reports. Well, the analytical company Strategy Analytics has also summed up the passed period and made some forecasts.It estimated the world mobile phone shipments volume reached 229 million units, a 31% year on year rise. According to the company, mobile phones unprecedentedly broke a 200 million units mark in 1Q, which is traditionally weak.Motorola stands out among mobile phone vendors, according to Strategy the company gained a 20% market share for the first time since 1998. Nokia‚Äôs share also grew. Sony Ericsson sold more than 2 million Walkman music phones, its shipments also jumped. BenQ-Siemens phones are still out of Top-5.Considering optimistic news from the first echelon players Strategy foresees that the shipments volume of 1 billion will be reached this year, i.e. a 22% rise against 817 million handsets sold last year.” via