SanDisk RapidGX Memory Stick PRO Duo card is fast!!

“If you want something done right, you’d better do it yourself. That’s SanDisk’s thinking anyways, with their new RapidGX Memory Stick PRO Duo cards they’re showing at E3. The cards do the usual Memory Stick PRO Duo thing, namely providing music, movies and other content for PSP owners, but they include a bit of SanDisk special sauce performance enhancements to speed file transfers up to 15MB per second, double the normal rates for PRO Duo cards. Seems like they just got tired of Sony’s limitations in the Memory Stick tech, and figured a way to improve it themselves. The 1GB card is all that’s available right now, and it retails for $85. The price — for a limited time only — includes for free SanDisk’s new MicroMate high-speed card reader to help the RapidGX hit its maximum speeds, and also includes PSP loader software to maximize space and convert files.” via

FontSmoother 1.75 Review for Palm OS

E3 2006 - Microsoft Announces Live Anywhere Technology News, Electronics Buy Guide and Gadget Review“My test device is a Tungsten E. FontSmoother requires Palm OS 5 and higher and a minimum screen resolution of 320×320. Sorry, the Palm Zire 21, Zire 31, and Z22 are not supported because their screen resolution is only 160×160.FontSmoother is not your standard stand-alone application. It is a system hack and requires a hackmaster in order to be configured and run. Per the included instructions, you need to use YAHM (Yet Another HackMaster), and not TealMaster to make FontSmoother work. You may use YAHM in conjunction with TealMaster, but YAHM must be the controlling hackmaster for FontSmoother.Within the setup for FontSmoother, you can assign global defaults for all applications, including Default Font, Font Darkness, eBook Mode, Smart Highlight, Smart Lists, and Force 16-bit display mode.”Read this review at

Samsung Q1 UMPC sells out in one day

“Turns out that people like origami. The Origami, that is. The Samsung Q1, a UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) codenamed Origami before its’ unveiling, was made available in the U.S. exclusively on (it wasn’t available in Best Buy stores). It took only one day for the entire inventory to sell out. Though that makes great headlines for Samsung, it’s hard to tell just how much of a success it was. There is no word of how many units were sold, so it’s hard to tell whether the sellout came about as a result of a small initial inventory, or if overwhelming demand for the computers, which Microsoft says will change our lives, meant that they couldn’t be kept on the virtual shelves.A quick look at fails to turn up any reference to the Q1, so it’s hard to tell how long it will take to get them back in stock. If you want an Origami you’ll just have to wait. Maybe do some real origami to pass the time.” via

E3 2006 Microsoft Announces Live Anywhere

E3 2006 - Microsoft Announces Live Anywhere Technology News, Electronics Buy Guide and Gadget Review” I wished Microsoft would have first solved email spamming, but kittenish as they are they first provide a global platform where PC and Xbox gamers can play together and be able to manage one single gamertag across those platforms. Gamers will have the ability to access Xbox Live world from their Windows-based PCs early next year to play games with friends. The Xbox Live experience on Windows will give gamers a consistent online game experience in which they have one identity, one friends list, one set of achievements and voice communications across all games on the network.Of course this will only be available with the launch of Windows Vista. Microsoft will also provide mobile access via Windows smart phones next year to the Live Anywhere platform. This gaming infrastructure is hard to beat. Sony’s online network will have a hard time to compete with this.Currently more than 3 million console gamers are connected to the Xbox Live community via their Xbox and Xbox 360 consoles and Microsoft expects that number to double to 6 million by this time next year. In addition, more than 25 million casual gamers are currently playing games on MSN Messenger and MSN Games. More details on the site. ” via