Sony Ericsson Announces M608c for China

“Sony Ericsson today announces the M608c phone and messaging device. This is a fully-specified mobile phone and email tool in an extremely stylish, slim device featuring a touch screen and Chinese character handwriting recognition.With a stylish, handy design M608c is a great combination of mobile phone and PDA based on new symbian OS 9.1 and UIQ 3.0andoffers users great customisation opportunities as well as the ability to buy personal productivity and other applications from the Sony Ericsson Application shop. New push email applications, remote synchronisation and expandable memory give owners a phone and email connectivity in a device that easily fits in their pocket – at just 15mm thick, it is one of the slimmest devices of its kind available. The M608c is a 2.5G version of Sony Ericsson’s recently announced global products, the M600 UMTS handset.” Read more at

Nokia N71 review at infosyncworld

“Not only equipped with dual screens, the N71 boasts dual cameras as well. A 0.3 Megapixel model sits just above the right corner of the main display for vanity shots and video calls, while an externally-mounted 2 Megapixel variety shoots high-quality stills and records decent video clips. Post-processing and sharing options are extensive, with upload-to-print solutions as well as direct printing through Infrared, Bluetooth or PictBridge. Users can also blog on the go courtesy of Nokia Lifeblog, or share images over plain old MMS. ” Read this nice review here:

Media players are more successful than PDA in Korea

“The increasing number of different compact devices is leading to gradual generalization and appearance of ever more functional products on the market. Recently the Korean market has been witnessing the popularity of personal media players (PMP), according to the analysts, they will force out handheld PC in future.The matter is that the emerging media players support plenty of technologies and services – DMB, GPS, radio broadcasting, they are equipped with a large LCD and tools to view Internet pages, i.e. often the functionality is higher than that of PDA. If the forecasts come true, the annual number of sold PMP in Korea would exceed 6 million by 2009.” via