SecureGSM review for Pocket PC

LEM Simulator “The aspects of personal information security are always of increased interest in every society. A priority of every person is to protect his private information and keep that information from dissemination. Consequently there is always a category of people who has interested in that confidential information. Within day to day life there are often gossips and rumors in circulation which may be troublesome but not critical for people who are influential in society (either commercially or politically). The dissemination of such confidential information can often be disastrous either in a direct or figurative sense. Therefore certain members of society are concerned about the preservation of confidentiality while others do their best to get the necessary information for whatever reason or use. It is certainly not a secret that the most vulnerable aspect of providing secrecy is the process of data transmission. Since this review focuses on the security of voice traffic transmitted via cellular communication and does not concern itself with systems of secret observation, we will take a look at the program which allows the preservation of confidentiality when talking on a cell phone, namely SecureGSM Pro.” Read this review here:

Nokia N71 video review at The Smartphones Show

LEM Simulator “If you experience annoying clicks during streaming, best to hit Pause and let the file download a bit more into your media player, then resume playback. If you’d rather grab the show as a file, you can (click on pause and) download manually as ss11.mp4, 22 minutes, 61MB, released 8th June 2006. Programme 11 covers: Exclusive hands-on review of the Nokia N71, a terrific S60 3rd Edition clamshell Review round-up of mobile golf games (Golf Pro 2, Golf Pro Contest, Nine Hole Golf, Links)” Watch this video review here:

New high speed SD cards by Panasonic in shops soon

“Panasonic has announced the sales date of new high-speed SD cards capacious of 512 MB, 1 GB and GB, July 15, 2006. The new cards comply with Class 2 according to the new speed classification of SD cards.Class 2 stands for productivity of storage cards, when the data won’t be lost during continuous write process at the speed of 2 Mbps or higher. New Panasonic cards fully comply with this classification and feature Mbps speed.In addition to the new cards Panasonic has also announced the start of sales of 4GB SDHC cards from July 25. The card has the index RP-SDR04GJ1K, it also complies with Class 2 (speed classification). The price isn’t yet disclosed.” via

Review of GSM handset Samsung X670

“By unfolding the device, you uncover a moderate sized UFB display with 128×160 pixels resolution (28×35 mm), capable of showing up to 65 K colors. The quality of this internal screen is also on high levels, which is no wonder, since it performs almost in the same way the external display does. The keypad is quite handy, having a four-way navigation key which incorporates sizable “OK” button. All in all, the buttons are considerable in size, so the experience is mostly positive even in light of the fact are positioned right up to each other.” Read more here: