Xplodus released for the Pocket PC

LEM Simulator “Xplodus is a classic action title for those who yearn for solid arcade gaming and like mindlessly blowing things up!Aliens are attacking, you know the drill, and the only available soldier left is Private Pete from the reserves.Take control of Private Pete and help him eliminate the aliens with the power of massive explosives… before he accidentally blows himself up!Features Classic Arcade Action. Colorful artwork, detailing Private Pete’s adventures on the battlefield. Variety of tasty alien species to blow up! Dynamically generated levels with increasing difficulty allows for endless gameplay. Bonus Items to increase your firepower from deadly mines to devastating nukes! High Score list to keep track of your destruction, and brag to your comrades. Explosive Visual Effects make the mayhem come alive. Incredible Audio and Sound Effects for those whose ears aren’t already ringing!” Check it here:

Safa's SS100 Super Slim Korean DAP

“Safa is just another one of those Korean DAP companies struggling to keep its head above the waterline. They’ve introduced a few notable units in the past, like the Q1x0 series – a concept recently equipped with a “money chip” (T-1000), by the way.Safa’s latest addition to their line-up of flash DAP is this one; the SS100. “SS” presumably stands for something like “Super Slim”, whereas the “100” could represent the number of sales. But let’s try to remain optimistic here, and elaborate a bit about the SS100’s spec list.Well, all we can say is… have a look at the Maxfield Max-Sin. It might look different (especially the controls section), but it’s basically the same thing. This means it’s small/slim indeed (87 x 42 x 7.4mm 35 grams), fit with a 65k color OLED screen and able to deal with video playback and whatnot.If there’s anything going for the Safa version, then it’s probably the fact that they’ve got their own Theme Park over there: SafaLand. Screw Disneyworld, I wanna ride the giant headlights-equipped Safa gastropod-thing again!” via dapreview.net