Garmin iQue 3000 GPS PDA review at brighthand

“Curiously, unlike almost all other devices on the market, the iQue 3000 doesn’t have a proper 5-way directional pad. Instead, it has a simple up/down rocker button, akin to the buttons on the old style Sony devices, or Palm models before they adopted one-handed navigation. Instead of having a latch that releases the GPS antenna, as on previous units from this company, the 3000 simply has a recess where you can stick your finger in any pry up the antenna. Deploying the antenna still automatically launches the GPS software. As you’d expect for a device designed for automotive navigation, the iQue 3000 comes with a suction-cup windshield mount for holding the device while you drive. Nothing too fancy, not even a full cradle to set the device into, just a basic clip-on design with a short flexible mount. There’s also an adhesive panel in the box if you want to mount it on a dashboard or the like.”Find out more here:

Nokia E61 vs O2 XDA Exec: Battle of the Business phones

Nokia E61 “A mere two years ago, who would have thought that Microsoft’s Windows Mobile device platform would climb to a position where it would be compared with what the best of what the planet’s most prolific handset maker – Nokia – has to offer from its Symbian OS based portfolio? With no further ado; the moment has arrived for us to pit the pinnacles of either platform against one another – and you might be surprised by the winner. ” Read more at