Krusell has released their “Top 10” list for May 2006

Screenshot Third consecutive month on top for Motorola Razr V3/ V3i/ V3c1. (1) Motorola RaZr V3/ V3i /V3c2. (2) Sony Ericsson K750i/D750i/W800i3. (7) Nokia 6230/6230i4. (10) Sony Ericsson W810i5. (8) Nokia 6280/62826. (5) Nokia N707. (4) Qtek 9100/ I-mate K-Jam8. (-) Motorola V1150/Razr V3X9. (3) Motorola SLVR L710. (-) Qtek S200/I-mate Jamin( ) = last month’s position.No big changes at the top of this month’s list; Motorola RaZr V3/V3i/V3c is number one for the third consecutive month, followed by Sony Ericsson K750i/D750i/W800i and Nokia 6230/6230i. – We look forward to the upcoming summer season, comments Ulf Sandberg, Managing Director at Krusell International AB. – The forthcoming months watch out for big sellers such as LG Choclate, Qtek 8500 and, of course, Sony Ericsson K800i. The Swedish manufacturer of carrying cases for portable electronics, Krusell, has released their “Top 10”-list for May 2006. The list is based upon the number of pieces of model specific mobile and smart phone cases that have been ordered from Krusell during May 2006. Krusell’s list is unique due to the fact that it reflects the sales of phones on six continents and in more than 50 countries around the globe.

Sony Ericssons first imode phone K610im

“K610im is Sony Ericsson’s first GSM/UMTS phone to offer full support for i-mode, the operator service that delivers a richer experience for handling iMail, browsing the Internet and viewing content.The i-mode service delivers a whole new experience in connected mobile applications such as iMail, Web browsing and iMMS. Viewing multimedia is better, faster and easier, thanks to Web pages and content specially formulated for i-mode. Lighter pages give faster download speeds and users are given access to a host of i-mode sites and content. i-mode also helps you get even more from K610im’s impressive functionality. You can shoot great pictures with the phone’s 2 Megapixel camera and send them in high quality as as e-mail as well as iMMS messages. The supplied 64MB Memory Stick (M2) will store up to 175 photos, and can be expanded to 1GB, and K610im has everything you need for fast, responsive video calling. K610im’s highly specified music player is equipped for over-the-air downloads. You can store up to 60 tracks in the new eAAC+ format with the Memory Stick (M2), and a USB cable and music software is also included for transferring tracks to and from your PC.The K610im is a dual mode UMTS (2100MHz) – GPRS 900/1800/1900 handset for i-mode markets in Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and will ship in Q3.K610im – Features at a glance:
1.9″ QCIF+ (176×220) TFT 260k
2 megapixel camera and VGA Video call
Push e-mail
16 MB user memory
Video recording/playback
SMS and iMMS
Up to 1GB Memory Stick Micro
Media player [MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+ support]
Support MFi & Mobile MP4
Full streaming Audio & Video
i-mode DRM
Polyphonic 72 voices
UMTS 2100 + GPRS 900/1800/1900
Bluetooth technology
USB 2.0
USB charging
Flight mode
Access NetFront Web Browser ” via

Handy Safe 5.0 review at allaboutsymbian

Screenshot One of THE plagues of the modern world is the vast amount of confidential information that’s required to be remembered, from accounts to PINs, from reference numbers to memorable information, from login details to software reg codes. When this plague started, it was just about possible to survive with a single password that you used for everything, but as time goes on, passwords and PINs get chosen for you and there’s always the security worry that once your password is discovered for one system, everything else will be vulnerable. Then you start buying software and accumulating bank and card accounts, and the amount and variety of ‘secret’ information quickly explodes.I suspect the vast majority of people simply write most of this down somewhere and accept the security risk of it being physically discovered by a thief. As a smartphone owner though, you’ll be very aware that your electronic brain should have the capacity and power to remember all your secret information and only reveal it to you. Some Nokia devices even came with a basic password protected ‘wallet’ application, but the problem was entering your life’s collection of passwords, PINs and handy notes all on the tiny phone keypad. What’s needed is an encrypted database system for both PC and smartphone that’s fully secure and able to be full synchronised, so that you can enter (and paste in) data on the desktop.” Read more here:

Black Tie Treo 650 Now On Sale

“The Black Tie Edition Treo 650 we told you about last week, is now on sale at the online store. It is being sold as an unlocked GSM model for $599, in honor of Palm’s 10th anniversary. The special bundle also includes a new Palm hardcase and multi-functional stylus. Palm’s product page is now online here. The Black Tie Treo 650 features a black and silver color, and updated branding which includes Palm’s new logo, instead of the older palmOne logo usually found on the 650. The body and casing have been given new treatments and accents. The description states: the polished chrome framework shines against an elegant black backdrop with a soft-touch finish that feels comfortable in your hand. |The package also includes Palm’s new black Treo hard case and a multi-functional stylus pen. It is sold at the same price as the regular unlocked GSM model. It can be ordered online from Palm.” via

Why HTC is closing cellular operators’ brands

“HTC was formed in 1997. It turned out that this company found common language with Microsoft, and acquired Hardware Platform Development Partner status based on Microsoft CE OS. Before communicators were introduced, company was working actively on developing Pocket PC segment, where it is still considered number one Pocket PC manufacturer in the world. Hewlett-Packard, Fujitsu Siemens and Dell are manufactured at HTC’s factories, but shrinking and slowly dying Pocket PC market is not so interesting for HTC anymore.” Read more about this interesting article at