Presto, charge: a battery refiller for your portable electronics

“No matter what battery-powered device we have to charge these days, we can all depend on the myPower ALL MP3400.It’s being billed as a universal rechargeable battery. It can power up your laptop, your MP3 player, your DVD player, your mobile phone, your digital camera—all using the same port. Now that is something we could enjoy carrying around in the laptop bag.You do have to sort of pay attention when hooking up that electronic device for recharging. You’ll have to choose the right setting on the voltage selector. And if you don’t know off the top of your head, you might wait until you know for sure. No sense plugging in your iPod at the laptop setting.Another cool feature is the boatload of adapters (eight in all) that come standard with the recharger. No more compability issues for you.You can get one of these for US$159 by clicking here.” via