Creative ZEN Neeon 2: an MP3 player with a color LCD

“Creative officially announced its new MP3-player ZEN Neeon 2. This is a flash player capacious of 1, 2 or 4 GB. Unlike its predecessor ZEN Neeon, the new player is equipped with a color LCD, which can display video and digital photos. It is slimmer and narrower – 81x42x12.5 mm instead of 79.9×46.9×15.9 mm, it weighs 50 g.The specs of ZEN Neeon 2:
1.5” CSTN LCD, 128×128 pixels
FM-radio and microphone
Supported formats – MP3, WMA, WAV, JPEG and AVI
USB 2.0 interface
Li-Pol battery (up to 20 hours of music playback and 8 hours of video
Dimensions – 81x42x12.5 mm
Weight – 50 g
The player has a black shell with metallic back panels (5 colors). The company also released stickers displaying music genres. ZEN Neeon 2 will be available in August with 1 and 2 GB, the 4GB version will come out later. The recommended price makes up $199, $269 and $309 respectively.” via

New Palm OS Treo Nitro Pictures at Palmifocenter

Treo Nitro Pictures - Click for Larger“Rumor: Images of what appear to be a new Palm OS Treo model have been posted on a Chinese PDA message board. This Treo could likely be the long rumored 4th new model due this year code-named Lowridder or Nitro. Previously leaked documents from Cingular point out this is a GSM smartphone that could be released in October. The images come from a post on the forum. The photos appear to be fairly legitimate and look like they were taken with a Treo camera judging my the picture quality. The model shown shows the device runs some version of Palm OS Garnet and has 64MB of internal memory. It also has an antennaless design with an SD card slot positioned on the side. It has the same keyboard and button layout as the Treo 700p” Check out these photos here:.