ETEN M600+ PocketPC Review at phonearena!

” M600+ is the latest Pocket PC Phone by Taiwanese manufacturer ETEN, which become popular due to models like M500, M600 and G500. As a successor of the M600, is has the same dimensions and design, while the materials used are slightly different. Its technical specifications are also better as it now supports Bluetooth v2.0, the camera is a 2 megapixel one and its quality is quite better this time, and the internal memory is the astonishing 256MB!The package that comes along with the phone is absolutely the same as with its predecessor (even the same accessories are used) and is accordingly as good. It comes together with everything you may need…” Read more about this GREAT device here:

Serious BlackBerry Hack Threat Expected

“Secure Computing Corporation has warned that organizations that have installed their BlackBerry server behind their gateway security devices could be subject to a hacking attack when security researcher Jesse D’Aguanno is scheduled to release the code for his BlackBerry hack next week.The soon-to-be-released hacking program called BBProxy can be installed on a BlackBerry or sent as an e-mail attachment to an unsuspecting user. Once installed, BBProxy opens a back channel bypassing the organizations gateway security mechanisms between the hacker and the inside of the victims’ network. Since the communications channel between the BlackBerry server and handheld device is encrypted and cannot be properly inspected by typical security products, a tunnel is most often opened by the administrator to allow the encrypted communications channel to the BlackBerry server inside the organizations network. A malicious person could potentially use this back channel to move around inside of an organization unabated and remove confidential information undetected or use the back channel to install malware on the network. Paul Henry, vice president of Strategic Accounts for Secure Computing, offers the following common sense network architecture and policy suggestions to reduce the risk of this impending threat: Servers connecting to the public Internet have an inherent risk. Isolating these Internet facing servers reduces the risk of a compromised server providing access to other critical servers. Hence due diligence would require that any Internet facing server like a BlackBerry server should be isolated on its own DMZ segment. Only those connections necessary to facilitate the operation of the BlackBerry server should be permitted. The BlackBerry server should not be permitted to open arbitrary connections to the internal network or Internet. The mail server that is working with the BlackBerry server is also an Internet facing server and should also be isolated on its own separate DMZ. Only those connections necessary to facilitate the normal operation of the mail server should be permitted. The mail server should not be permitted to open arbitrary connections to the internal network or Internet. Internal users should not be permitted to open arbitrary connections to either the BlackBerry server or mail server. ”

Handy Weather Review for Symbian

Korean QCOX DMB PMP Runs Windows CE 5.0 on AMD Alchemy Technology News, Electronics Buy Guide and Gadget Review” It’s not often that I get to review an application that’s perfect in every detail. Yet Handy Weather is such a program – admittedly it only really does one thing (check the upcoming weather for a small number of location) but it does it so smoothly and unobtrusively that it just had to earn a coveted Mega-App award. Available for almost every handheld platform in the world, Handy Weather impresses under S60, shown here, by not only working as a standalone application but also making its functionality available as a screen-saver.After installation of the week-long trial version, you’re gently led into picking a home city (even medium sized towns are available in many countries) and an auto-update interval (the default is 8 hours, which is about right), then it’s into Handy Weather proper. The four opening functions (Day list, Graph, Current condition and My cities) are duplicated nicely across a multi-tabbed interface once you’ve selected a function, and this proves the fastest way of getting around.” Read this review here:

Review PDA Palm Z22 at mobile!

“The sides are smooth and free from buttons and switches. The ends are leveled, so the device lies comfortably in hands. The number of control elements on the front panel increased greatly: there appeared a full-featured navigation button and Calendar and Contacts buttons by its sides. The power button got an inconvenient position – at the bottom left angle of the LCD. If you already hold the PDA, you have to switch it on with your free hand. But that’s rather a fault-finding matter than a real flaw. Besides you get accustomed to this location very quickly.” Read this interesting review here: