Motorola to Push Linux Headsets in 2007

” Starting in 2007, Motorola are set to commence pushing the sales of Linux-based headsets on both the European and U.S markets. The plan from Motorola is to have around 50% of its headsets supported by Linux according to sources at Taiwan headset makers who are familiar with Motorola’s handset roadmap.Importantly, Motorola will not be restricting Linux to its lower end models with the price range of the Linux-based headsets said to be $100-$300, so could include handsets such as the Motorola Q or the RAZR.Also, Motorola will work with othe major players in the cellular phone industry including Vodafone, Samsung, NEC, NTT DoCoMo and Panasonic to set up an industry-wide standard for the Linux-based handsets.” via