Samsungs new QWERTY Smartphone sports HSPDA, WiFi

” Samsung has announced probably the best QWERTY-enabled Windows Mobile Smartphone to date.Based on the recently launched Samsung i320, the new Samsung i600 packs even more punch in the same slim Blackberry-like form factor. In addition to the basic quad-band 900/1800/1900 MHz GSM/GPRS connectivity, it boasts of support for HSPDA and EDGE as well as integrated WLAN (802.11b/g), a combination of which has never been offered before. In contrast to the i320, the new model also features a secondary camera for video calls.The Samsung i600 is powered by Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone Edition (with MSFP), and offers 64 MB RAM and 128 MB ROM. It is equipped with a 2.3-inch color QVGA screen, QWERTY thumb keypad, micro-SD card slot, Bluetooth, and an 1.3-megapixel camera.Samsung is intended to have the novelty on the market by the end of this year. By the way, the FCC has said its “yes” already.” via

Pantech to Launch Auto Popup Display Satellite DMB Phone IMU140

“Seoul, South Korea – September 6, 2006: Pantech Group, the number two mobile phone manufacturer in South Korea, today announced the launch of the IM-U140 handset, a satellite digital multimedia broadcasting (DMB) handset that provides users with a genuinely unique mobile phone experience via its innovatively designed display screen. The LCD display is designed to pop up automatically at a 30 degree angle when users push a button next to the screen, optimizing user’s angle of view. The display adds significantly to users’ enjoyment of movies and TV programs, maximizing the user-friendly nature of the phone. The 2.6-inch wide QVGA LCD is the largest display featured on a DMB handset in Korea, further augmenting the portable TV viewing experience.M.S. Yoon, Executive Vice President, Domestic Marketing, Pantech Group, said: “Due to its exceptional range of unique features, including the pop-up display screen, we expect that the IM-U140 will be welcomed by those mobile phone users who are looking for new and different features and applications in their DMB phones”.“In line with our brand slogan – ‘It’s different’ – we are always seeking to regenerate and refine our product line, and the IM-U140 is just the latest stage in this constantly evolving customer commitment. For example, we have designed the touch screen on the IM-U140 model so that it vibrates when touched, enhancing the overall unique feel of the phone,” said Mr. Yoon.The IM-U140 features four channel stereo speakers, enabling users to enjoy a richer quality of sound when they watch the mobile TV or play mobile games. In addition, the handset features a 3 megapixel camera with useful modes such as image stabilization, auto focus and white balance, providing users with higher picture quality.The new model also has PictBridge functionality, which enables the transmission of photos directly from the handset to printers. Other user-friendly features include an MP3 player and electronic dictionary. The IM-U140 handset will become available in Korea this month and will be marketed under Pantech’s SKY brand, the leading premium mobile phone brand in the Korean market. SKY IM-U140 features:
Satellite DMB phone with TV-OUT and FM transmitter function
Auto pop-up sliding LCD
4 channel stereo speakers
Display: 2.6″ wide QVGA 262K colors TFT
Dimension: 119 x 53 x 23.2 mm
Weight: 157.7g
3 megapixel camera with built-in image stabilization
Touch screen with vibrating reaction
Multi-tasking functionality
Embedded mobile games
MP3 player / PictBridge / Electronic dictionary”
There are some photos here to check this great looking device..

O2 Mars: a new communicator, early photos and details

“At the forum of you can come across photos of the O2 Mars communicator, which is not yet officially announced. With its design and specs it looks like O2 Xda trion (another implementation of HTC Hermes platform), however there are some differences. The preliminary specs of O2 Mars: Operating system Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phone Sliding QWERTY-keyboard 2-megapixel camera (without macro mode) Processor Intel 512 MHz GSM, GPRS, EDGE and UMTS (no support of HSDPA) 64 MB RAM and 128 MB flash ROM Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Slot for miniSD cardsThus the differences are as follows: the lack of HSDPA high speed data transfer standard, other CPU (Intel 512 MHz, instead of Samsung 400 MHz), the miniSD slot instead of microSD.”

Windows Earth Mobile optimized for WinMo devices

“PDA phones are glorious devices. They can do everything a regular cell phone can do — make and receive phone calls, take pictures, play music, etc. — and so much more. If you’re not rocking a portable GPS unit for your ride, using Windows Earth Mobile on your Windows Mobile smartphone just might be the ticket.The interface appears to be quite intuitive (of course the sample pic is one of California), giving you access to either true satellite photographs of the area, or, if you want something a little easier to read, it’ll pump out the usual map view that you’re used to. Plug in two addresses and it’ll even provide you with turn-by-turn directions.Windows Earth Mobile is powered by Windows Live Local and is designed with the smaller screens of smartphones in mind. In this way, they “fit” a lot better than the maps you’d be able to view on Google Maps through Opera Mobile, for example.If you’re not completely up to speed, fret not, because this virtual earth is compatible with both WM5 and the older Windows Mobile 2003.” via