Sony mylo Review at laptopmag!

“The mylo features a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Unfortunately, while the keys are nicely spaced, they’re also quite small; we found ourselves using the tip of our nails to peck out messages. Plus, the top row of letters was at times difficult to nail because of its proximity to the lower half of the display. We started by selecting the What’s Up icon, which takes you to a portal where you can conveniently view all of your contacts and select the communication method with which to reach them. After being prompted to connect to an available Wi-Fi network, we were online in seconds, chatting away with our friends on mylo’s included chat clients: Google Talk, Yahoo, and Skype (sorry, no AOL). Compared with the PC version, the Yahoo IM on this device is stripped down, with no avatars or file transfer capabilities. The more barebones Gtalk enjoys an almost flawless translation to the mylo; even Gtalk’s ability to display your current music selection is intact.” Read this review here: