Fujitsu Siemens unveils new Pocket LOOX for navigation, music

“”Fujitsu Siemens may not traditionally be known for their navigation solutions, but they’ve got two new additions to the Pocket LOOX series that should keep you heading in the right direction, bobbing your head all the while. The N100 and N110 are virtually identical, with one slight difference separating the two: the former apparently runs on its 2 gigabytes of internal memory alone, whereas the latter adds in a miniSD expansion slot for you to stash extra maps, tunes, and the like. Yes, tunes. Both units are more than capable of being MP3 players in their own right, humming out audio with the best of them, including MP3, WMA, and AAC formats. The (2.8-inch) touchscreen interface appears quite intuitive, and you can customize the look with interchangeable faceplates (I kind of like the carbon fiber look myself). No word on pricing or availability at this time.” via

HTC readying PDA phone with two keyboards

“An interesting Windows Mobile 5.0 handset has been spotted at the CTIA Wireless 2006 tradeshow in Los Angeles.Codenamed the “HTC Libra,” the cellular-enabled device sports both an alphanumeric keypad and a slide-out QWERTY thumb keyboard. According to Phone Scoop, the novelty is also significantly smaller than HTC’s current QWERTY enabled models. It is reported to be close in size to common candy bar phones. The latter, however, also affected the QWERTY keyboard – just note three rows of keys.Unfortunately, it is not yet clear whether the HTC Libra will be powered by a Pocket PC Phone or a Smartphone version of the OS. On the one hand, the screen capture says it’s PPC Phone; but on the other hand, there are dedicated buttons for Smartphone. Which would you like best, guys?A CDMA/EV-DO version of HTC Libra is expected to be launched early next year. A GSM version should follow soon after that.” via

Stowaway Sierra Bluetooth Keyboard is out!

“The Stowaway Sierra Bluetooth keyboard is the perfect productivity companion to your smartphone, PDA, tablet, media center PC or notebook computer. With 19mm spacing, the Stowaway Sierra keyboard feels like a standard computer keyboard. Its unique folded design makes it highly portable, yet opens to a full size keyboard when needed. Over-the-air driver installation-no PC needed!* Key Features Quickly type email, memos, or surf the web in optimum comfort Truly universal – works with almost all Bluetooth-enabled devices 100% full size keyboard for touch-typing** Includes a fifth row of keys for dedicated numerical entry User programmable shortcut and command keys for fast access to other applications Power saving – auto sleep mode Stainless steel and ABS plastic construction – built to withstand the harshest environments Includes carrying case & detachable smartphone/PDA stand Weighs less than 11 oz.* Wireless internet access from your device is required to install software driver over-the-air.** Beware of other keyboards that claim to be full-sized. ” Check it here:

Review of HTC S620 (Excalibur) communicator

“Development of Excalibur commenced roughly at one time with Moto Q, not because HTC’s industrial spying service did its best – the point here is completely different. After breaking up with CMCS (which had been responsible for development and production of Motorola MPx200, MPx220), Motorola approached HTC about possibility of producing smartphones for Moto. In particular, the companies discussed Motorola Franklin project (Moto Q’s title inside the company). However the seemingly promising negotiations came to nothing and shortly after that HTC initiated development of Excalibur with the aim to postpone the release and avoid launching the product simultaneously with Moto Q, in order to prevent Motorola from asking unnecessary questions.” Read this nice review here: