P610 and P630: new GPS navigators by Acer

“Acer has introduced two new GPS-navigators – P610 and P630. They differ in Bluetooth for the P630 and the set of maps.The specs of Acer P610 and P630:
4” widescreen touchscreen TFT LCD, 480×272 pixels
MP3-player, picture viewer
Samsung S3C2440A 400 MHz
64 MB RAM and 64 MB flash ROM
Slot for MMC and SD cards
GPS-module SiRF III LP
Li-Ion 1200 mAh battery
Windows CE.net 5.0
Navigation software ALK CoPilot 6 and Navteq maps
Dimensions 116x81x23 mm
Weight – 195 g
The P610 will be supplied with an SD card storing a map of one European region, and the P630 – with an SD card storing maps of a European region, plus main roads of Europe and detailed maps of Europe on a CD. The release is expected in October. The approximate price makes up €299, i.e. $380.” via mobile-review.com

Paintball 2 and Frutakia for WM Smartphones are updated to v1.1

Paintball 2 Paintball 2— Paintball 2 – 18/Sep/2006 UPDATE (1.1) —* Not correcting background after message boxes – Bug fixed.* Game freeze when trying to exit game – Bug fixed.* Minor bugs fixed— Frutakia – 18/Sep/2006 UPDATE (1.1) —* Not correcting background after message boxes – Bug fixed.* Game freeze when trying to exit game – Bug fixed.* Faster refreshing of life bar* Faster refreshing of Score* Minor bugs fixedClick here to watch Paintball 2 video reviewClick here for Paintball 2: Click here to watch Frutakia video reviewClick here for Frutakia:

McAfee Virus Scan Mobile Now Available for Win Mobile 5

McAfee, Inc. announced that McAfee VirusScan Mobile and McAfee VirusScan Mobile Enterprise Edition are now available for the Windows Mobile 5.0 platform. Today’s announcement broadens the scope of platforms protected by McAfee’s mobile security software, and helps protect users of Windows Mobile 5.0 against the latest malware and attacks, including recent SMiShing attacks (phishing scams via SMS).Mobile devices are the next frontier for hackers and virus writers. Mobile devices that access the Internet and receive or send text messages may be vulnerable to malware. Some devices, especially smartphones, can obtain viruses from downloading and installing an application. Mobile viruses can spread to contacts that users have stored on their mobile phones. In enterprises, these viruses can pose a serious threat to the network and can contribute to loss of service and productivity. McAfee VirusScan Mobile helps prevent the unintentional sending of infected text messages, and/or e-mail attachments to friends, family and co-workers.”The need for mobile virus protection has never been greater,” said Victor Kouznetsov, senior vice president of mobile technology at McAfee, Inc. “As organizations extend their mobile workforces, the need to protect a broader range of platforms becomes more critical. Now, users of Windows Mobile 5.0 can have the same worry-free experience as other mobile device users.”McAfee VirusScan Mobile and McAfee VirusScan Mobile Enterprise Edition protect Windows Mobile 5.0 user devices from attacks via SMS, MMS, Bluetooth and other entry points. The software protects against the threats that originate from e-mail, instant messaging, internet downloads and Web surfing, automatically detecting and cleaning infected files before they can attack the device. Up-to-date protection is delivered as soon as threats are identified.McAfee VirusScan Mobile automatically secures mobile devices; it scans and cleans files, e-mails, Internet downloads, text messages, and attachments. The McAfee subscription model ensures that devices can be protected as long as users own their phones. Always-on protection identifies and removes viruses, Trojans, worms, and other malicious applications without interrupting connections. The software detects malware at multiple entry and exit points, including e-mail, instant message attachments, Internet downloads, SMS, MMS, WiFi and Bluetooth.When viruses, worms, Trojans, or other threats are found, inline cleaning automatically cleans the devices. Updates run silently in the background, ensuring that users are always protected from emerging and evolving security threats. MMS, SMS, and E-mail attachment scanning scans attachments as they are received or as they are sent. Future-proof protection is provided by scanning all file system access, regardless of entry method.McAfee VirusScan Mobile is available for download as a free 30-day trial from http://mobile.mcafee.com.

Review of Mio H610 at gpspassion.com!

“Here are some first comments after spending a few days with the H610. A stylish design, less stunning of course than when we discovered the Loox N100, the first “iPod GPS”, but it is light and compact and will be easy to carry along wherever you go, a real “consumer” GPS Convenient connectors : miniUSB (PC connection and charging), 3.5mm headphone jack, SD port, external antenna in the standard MMCX format Three buttons : on/off, menu and a “hold” cursor that will prevent unwanted operation while the H610 resides in a pocket or a bag” Find out more about this nice device here:

Mundu Radio Provides Streaming Net Radio

“Geodesic has announced the launch of beta version of Mundu Radio, an new mobile internet streaming radio service. Mundu Radio offers free access to unlimited music or broadcast content of choice to its users from any part of the world on their mobile devices. Mundu Radio provides access to thousands of digital Internet Radio stations and the broadest array of International and Indian music and other content available on the Web today such as Pop, Rock, Classical, Oldies, Instrumental, Bollywood, News and many more. Users can also personalize their playlist and manage their profile using an easy to use interface giving users ultimate freedom to listen to their favorite stations and their favorite genre commercial-free. Mundu supports streaming at 24Kbps and 32Kbps, which is superior in sound quality experience than currently offered Mp3 streaming on mobile phones. Mundu Radio operates on mobile phones with internet connection (GPRS – CDMA and GSM) and also over Wi-Fi. This service is compatible with popular handsets based on Symbian, Windows Mobile and the Palm OS platform. All Palm OS devices with OS 5.2 or higher are supported. ” Check it here: This report is from palminfocenter.com

Review of a GSM handset Samsung E900

“Being a slider, the E900 gets some points back, as picking/hanging up don’t not require any button to be pushed, you can simply open or close the phone. You can setup any key answer in the menu, in this way keypad will remain locked, but MP3 or camera buttons will allow you to answer a call without sliding the device open. In winter this form-factor may become an advantage, since sensor keys might perform badly during cold weather, as it was tested with different keypads sporting similar technology. Model is powered with auto-sliding mechanism, so that it opens up easily, even though the opening movement is incomplete, this is where differences with other Samsung products arise.” Read more here: