izenMobile Releasing Pocket PC Device in Smartphone Form Factor

izenMobile, a new San Diego-based company, is entering the digital marketplace with the introduction of its wireless, converged device brand. Positioned to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses, izenMobile will develop specific Microsoft Windows Mobile wireless devices that create a simplified digital experience through value-added services.“The market for Windows Mobile devices is growing rapidly, but small and medium businesses continue to be underserved by both carriers and manufacturers,” explains Jon Driscoll, izenMobile’s president and CEO. “With izenMobile, we’re creating a customized mix of devices, services and support to make digital life easier and more effective.”The izenMobile handsets will be unique in the marketplace. The initial handset available at the introduction is the izenMobile Krma, which combines pocket pc functionality with a smart phone form factor. Additional handsets will be introduced throughout the year, with up to seven models available at a time. The izenMobile handset lineup will incorporate F-Origin technology to provide maximum mobile productivity.“What makes izenMobile unique is the branded service offering,” adds Driscoll. “It is a rich mix of customization, technical and service support, unique software and applications, an inclusive and compelling community experience.” The izenMobile website brings essential services directly to small and medium business, seamlessly and effortlessly. They include: The izenLounge™ encompassing the totality of the izenMobile interactive experience, including device to application purchase and service, independent software and technical support and exclusive information on upcoming device releases; izenGuru™ providing one stop answers and solutions – 24/7; and izenUniverse™, connecting consumers to their devices and data, providing centralized control of company devices remotely, over-the-air updates and software management and live backups.Other elements available to izenMobile customers include 25 GB free online storage for photos, music, video and shared file folders.izenMobile products and services are available through the izenMobile website as well as selected online retailers. The company will focus on North and South America during the launch phase. Future distribution channels will include wireless network operators and retail outlets.izenMobile is a Customized Device Manufacturer headquartered in San Diego, CA. With a focus on small and medium business, izenMobile develops specific Microsoft® Windows Mobile ™ wireless devices that create a simplified digital experience through a customized mix of value-added services and support. For more information, visit www.izenmobile.com

Palm GPS Navigator Smartphone Edition Review

“I am one of those people who likes maps. I mean really, I can sit and look at a map for hours just mapping out different routes. And lately, with all the new-fangled GPS tools being released, I’ve kind of felt that my time of just taking a map and exploring (my close friends call it getting lost and just driving around until I am on a familiar road again) was coming to an end. Well, the Palm GPS with TomTom Navigator 6 showed me that there is still fun to be had in just getting in the car for random trips, only it is even more fun because there is a voice telling you what is going on the whole time.The Palm GPS Navigator Smartphone Edition is basically a GPS solution designed around the use of Palm Treo smartphones. In the box is the Bluetooth GPS module, an MMC card with TomTom Navigator 6 software and maps, a vehicle cradle and car mounting bracket, a combination mini-USB cable (for the GPS module), and a Treo power adapter (that fits into the lighter socket), and a USB memory card reader.” Read more at brighthand.com

The Pocket Loox T830 Review at firstloox.org!

 “The T830 has a jog-dial on the left side (as on the Loox 720 but missing from more recent Pocket Loox models). It also has the context sensitive menu select buttons on the front that work with their software equivalents in Windows Mobile 5.0. It’s good to see them included after being left off the Loox N/C series.These two features greatly enhanced the ability to work one-handed with the T830 – which I found I was able to do most of the time.The main speaker is set into the back. This is not an issue as it is a decent loud and clear mono speaker. A phone speaker is set into the area next to the front camera, and a microphone is placed down below the keyboard on the left. On the top right is a standard 3.5 mm jack for headphones. At the bottom the T830 has a sync port (standard USB mini-B – a nice move away from proprietary sockets) and a standard socket for attaching an external GPS aerial.On the right hand side are a voice recorder button and an SD/SDIO/SDHC/MMC card slot. At one time an SD slot on the side would have been awkward. Now, however, it is difficult to think of anything you might want to add to the T830 that it doesn’t already have – so the slot will generally be used for memory only (which sits flush and does not pop out easily). On the left – below the jog-dial – is a button to activate the camera.” Read this review here: