Fujitsu Pocket Loox N100 reviewed

“Measuring 62 x 16 x 89 mm and weighing just over 110 grams it is small and indeed light, more so than many PDA phones or Smartphones on the market. Styling is a bit like the PalmOne or even something from the Apple table with smooth corners and a silvered finish, the 2.8″ screen dominates the device which sits nicely in the hand and indeed the pocket. Inside the attractive Fujitsu unit sits the latest SiRF StarIII chipset providing pinpoint accuracy from the American owned GPS system, this copes well with built up areas, leafy roads and has a rather good TTF (Time To Fix) meaning you aren’t sat in car parks waiting too long.The Pocket Loox 100 is a Windows CE 5.0 Core Version device and seemed quite stable when running the main application which is the latest Navigon Mobile 6 GPS navigation software which ships with maps for 31 country’s on DVD with the UK pre loaded onto a 1gb mini SD card. Set-up of the device is simple and straight forward the N100 ships with both a car holder and car charger which enabled us to have it installed in minutes and still keep it fully charged. The unit is happy to operate in both portrait and landscape mode making it easy to place in car to gain the best use of the 2.8″ colour TFT screen which has a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels.” Read more here:

Resco Image Viewer Review for Symbian S60!

Screenshot “Image Viewer has a simple job, and the title gives it away. It does it well and it doesn’t hide any of the directory structure of your phone – this is a hierarchical, directory based viewer. And I suspect this is one of the big strengths, especially for the more technical minded now that Nokia and Symbian have gone out of their way to hide the directory system from the user. Image Viewer does keep the right soft key fixed as ‘exit’, which is a bit annoying. I kept hitting it expecting it to be the back key and take me back up the tree. With S60 happy to keep applications in the background, it seems strange to have Image Viewer almost paranoidly shutting itself down whenever it can. Incidentally, when looking at a single image, the right hand key does act as ‘back’ here, and not ‘exit’, which in my jet-lagged haze is confusing the heck out of me.” Read more here:

SlingPlayer Mobile May Soon Be Coming to the Palm OS

“For several months now, users of Windows Mobile handhelds and smartphones have been able to watch TV programs streaming over the Internet from their Slingbox. Those with a Palm OS device, though, have been left out in the cold.There hasn’t yet been an official announcement from Sling Media — the maker of the Slingbox — but there’s strong evidence that this situation is about to change.Late last week, this company introduced three new Slingbox models with a range of features and prices. As part of this launch, a number of advertising pieces were shipped to stores that were carrying the new devices. Although Sling Media did its best to cover it up, the tech-oriented web site Zats Not Funny discovered that one of these ads indicates that a Palm OS version of SlingPlayer Mobile is slated for release.This same ad showed that a Symbian version of this application will be also be launched in the near future.At present, Sling Media’s Slingboxes are able to stream video from A/V equipment at the user’s home to Windows Mobile-based devices, as well as PCs and laptops. This allows users to watch everything they could on their home TV… but on their handheld or smartphone.” via

Communicators head to head: Nokia E70 vs HTC TyTN vs P990i

Communicator comparison - E70, TyTN, P990i
“Amidst the giddy mix of form factors and specifications in the smart mobile device world, there’s one particular combination of features which is rarer than you might think: a decent camera and a qwerty keyboard. I can’t believe I’m the only person wanting a device that can produce print (6″ by 4″) ready photos and also let me type notes, texts and emails on a proper (at least 20 wpm) keyboard. In addition to all the other functions of a smartphone, of course, from PIM apps to web browsing to telephony to 3rd party software compatibility.Here goes then, with the best candidates from the S60, Windows Mobile and UIQ worlds. With no hidden agenda, approaching all three devices from the standpoint of a neutral observer.” Find out more here:

Cowon N2: a multimedia DMB navigator

“Cowon has introduced another product for the Korean market. This is a multi-function DMB-navigator-media player Cowon N2. It is equipped with a 7” WQVGA (480×234 pixels), an FM-tuner and a GPS SiRFstarIII module. The users can get the info on the road situation.Cowon N2 is powered by WinCE 5.0 running on AMD Alchemy 500 MHz processor, 128 MB DDR2 SDRAM and 32 MB flash ROM. There is the support of JPG, BMP and PNG graphics, MP3, WMA, ASF, OGG, WAV music and AVI, ASF, WMV, MPG video.There are two expansion slots for SD cards. The one flash card is supposed to store navigation maps, and the other some other content. I’d note the support of USB-host. Dimensions are 191x120x26 mm and weight – 540 g. The release is scheduled for October.” via