Dreamway Review for Symbian!

Screenshot“All of which sounds a bit much for a simple top-down racing game. Also available for most other Symbian OS platforms, Dreamway is well programmed mainly for its collision detection with the other cars (and track walls). Being able to mix it with the other (computer-controlled) drivers is a lot of fun and surprisingly realistic. On the P990i (UIQ 3), control of the car is best done using the stylus, with you tracing the stylus tip around the track in front of the car, showing it where to aim for at eahc moment. The end result is a perfect racing line if you get it right and a very fast lap. If you get it wrong, you’ll be in the wall and will have some catching up to do once the other cars have streamed past.Seven different themed tracks impress, they’re gorgeously drawn and are panned around the display as your car proceeds around each lap. There’s also a choice of seven cars, although I couldn’t tell any difference in performance between them. And, just to make things interesting, there are ‘bonus features’ (on Medium and Difficult settings, at least), such as speed-ups, weapons, teleporters and oil slicks. All of which have to be avoided or picked up, as appropriate. In practice, it’s hard to make all these out, much less use the ones that need activating, while also trying to drive the perfect racing line, but it’s easy enough to avoid the worst hazards (e.g. oil). And it’s occasionally spooky seeing” Read this review here:

Transcend Releases its 8GB SDHC High Capacity Secure Digital Card

“Transcend Information, Inc., a world leader in flash memory cards, is very proud to announce its 8GB high-capacity SDHC. The SD card is the most popular flash memory standard in the world now, and the SDHC (SD High-Capacity) is the new generation of SD cards (Version 2.0). Formatted in FAT32, SDHC cards reach a maximum capacity of 32GB and can fulfill the high-capacity demand of the new SDHC devices such as Casio Exilim Z1000/Z600/S600 cameras, Panasonic DMC-L1 camera, and HP printer A/B. Now you can enjoy a high-quality digital life and store all of your MP3 music files, high-resolution pictures, and video clips in your SDHC card. Transcend’s standard SDHC memory cards offer hassle-free data storage and transfer with the best price-to-performance value. Transcend produces its SDHC cards using original brand name NAND Flash chips and quality components to ensure that your Flash card keeps your data secure longer. The mechanical write protection switch keeps your information safer by preventing accidental deletion or writing over your important data. For further peace of mind, Transcend comprehensively tests all SDHC cards for compatibility and reliability before leaving the factory floor. Transcend’s 8GB SDHC cards are fully compatible and obtain optimal results from your Hi-Tech SDHC portable devices.Product Features
Fully compatible with the SD 2.0 Standard
4GB and 8GB High Capacity
Supports Error Correcting Code (ECC) to detect and correct errors
Supports In System Programming (ISP) to load firmware
Supports power down and sleep modes
Mechanical Write Protection Switch
Original NAND Flash Chip
Lifetime Warranty
Ordering Information
Part Number
SD Card

SD Card

Toshiba Gigabeat V30 reviewed at cnet.com

“For the most part, the Gigabeat V30 has slipped under the radar thanks to the recent avalanche of new gadgets. Given our love of the S series, we were chomping at the bit to see what kind of true video player Toshiba could bring to a market stacked with good video players. The V30’s design is sleek but unusual. Constructed of a durable and slick plastic, the black and white device has a sloping back that ends in the right-handed grip. It measures 4.9 by 3.0 by 0.9 inches (0.7 inch at its thinnest point) and weighs 7.76 ounces, so it’s definitely not the type of device you’d take jogging. Despite the odd shape, the V30 is comfortable in the hand and certainly pocketable. The boxy section of the back looks like it was designed to dock into another device for charging or A/V output. We’re awaiting details from Toshiba’s press corps.” Read more here: