Sony Ericsson DVBH Adriana Concept Device

Sony Ericsson Adriana

“It’s been a long and painful hiatus here at clubsonyericsson, but we’re officially back to reporting all Sony Ericsson news, starting with something that’s not so news, but pretty hot.What you see on the photo could be Sony Ericsson’s first Digital Video Broadcast-Handheld enabled device, a feature they say will be on every model in the future. It could play videos and digital TV streamed wirelessly and even record them in its internal 10gb memory. That would allow for some live time-shifting too. It could be the first to be operated in landscape mode (except during calls, obviously) and to introduce an iPod-esque clickwheel for scrolling and fast-forwarding AS WELL as the traditional 5 or 9-way joystick it surrounds. It could have two additional softkeys to the right of the 3.5″ 800x600px screen that would replace the “back” and “C” buttons and make the interface even more flexible and powerful. It could also sport a Memory Stick Micro slot to support those 32gb cards that Sony claims will be available some day not soon.” Learn more at

Palm TX Cradle Update Released

“This software update is designed to resolve an issue with the Palm TX handheld’s sleep/wake cycling when used with an accessory cradle, purchased separately. Once installed, the Palm TX handheld will function normally when inserted into the cradle.System requirements Palm TX handheld. Do not install this update on other handhelds. At least 1MB free memory (how to check) Download & InstallThis update can be downloaded to your Windows or Mac computer and synchronized to your handheld. Or, it can be downloaded directly to your handheld through a Wi-Fi Internet connection. If you’re viewing this on a Windows or Mac computer Download: PalmTX_cradlepatch.prc (6KB) Double-click the file you downloaded; the Palm Install Tool will appear. If asked, select your Palm TX handheld’s user name. Perform a HotSync operation to move the file to your handheld. Once you’ve synchronized, press Applications . Tap on the application named TXCradleFix. The update will be applied to your device.” Check it here:

PMPInside inspects the SOLVO S830 PMP

“The fine people at PMPInside reviewed/previewed the SOLVO S830, which is the perfect combination of a GPS and a PMP with DMB tuner.Size: 203 x 110 x 23.5mmStorage: SD card 1G/NAND flash 64MBCPU: TMS320DM320LCD: 7 480×234 full color TFT LCDOS: WIN CE 5.0/Touch Panel: SUPPORTMemory: SDRAM: 128MBDMB: Internal T-DMB moduleGPS: Sirf Chip III/Built-in TypeSpeaker: Internal Stereo (1W+1W)LED: RUN indicator under buttonEqualizer: 5 band equalizer/3D effectInterface: Stereo headphone (40+40mW)IrDA sensor/DC jackUSB: USB2.0 high speed deviceAV-in /SD card /DMB antenna built-inPC Program: File Browser & Codec Information DisplayLatest Firmware Upload & DownloadPower: DC jack power ” More photos here:

Sharp Zaurus CMP2000R electronic dictionary

Sharp RD-CMP2000R Technology News, Electronics Buy Guide and Gadget Review” Sharp introduces a color screen dictionary PDA with 1.3MP camera in Korea. The Sharp RD-CMP2000R has the twisting screen design known from the latest Zaurus PDAs. Dictionary devices are very popular in Asia. The Sharp RD-CMP2000R is maybe one of the most powerful electronic dictionaries entering the Korean market. Features include music player, 1.3MP camera in the back, e-book reader, QWERTY keyboard and FM-radio. More details and photos on AkihabaraNews and on the Korean Sharp site.” This report is from

Sanyo has the 1Seg fever for its car GPS

“Sanyo offers 3 new GPS and Media Solution for cars, with 1Seg TV tuner (the Japanese DMB equivalent). 5 products total are available, such as the NVA-HD1500DT, which is a fixed solution with a 30GB hard disk, a 1Seg TV tuner, a DVD player, GPS, and a 7” VGA Wide display; the NV-HD870DT, which is a portable solution with a 30GB hard disk; and the NV-DK630DT, which has no hard disk. If you already have this kind of equipment in your car but no 1Seg TV tuner yet, Sanyo also offers external TV tuners, such as the NVP-DTS1 and the NVP-DTS10.” More photos here: