Airis Releases Bargain Basement PDAs With GPS

“The Spanish brand Airis, well-known for its excellent PND – the T920A with Road 66 – now made available two PDA’s with integrated GPS receiver, T610 and T620.Here are the main features: Integrated receiver chip GPS SiRF III 3.5 inch TFT touch screen with resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and 65536 colors with anti-reflective coating Samsung 2440 400 MHz processor 64MB of RAM and 128 ROM Bluetooth 2.0 Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g (T620 only) SD/MMC Slot Memory MiniUSB Battery Lithium-Ion 1200 mAh Weight : 170 G Windows Mobile 2005They come with a mounting kit, a car charger, as well as a leather case. Airis T610 is sold for 220 Euros€ and T620 goes for 289 Euros € and they can purchased here.” via

Previewing the Motorola ROKR e2 JavaLinux OS

“Motorola is testing out their innovative new operating system in the ROKR e2, but how does this menu setup stack up against the competition? Is this JavaLinux system an improvement over the old interface? PhoneScoop got their dirty little hands on an e2 to fiddle with, and in the end, they conclude that it is “still basically the same OS”, despite being slightly more user friendly and having a couple of extra features. As far as the rest of the specs are concerned, the ROKR e2 rocks a 1.3 megapixel cam, FM tuner, expansion slot, USB 2.0, and Bluetooth.” Watch this video preview here:

Review of navigation communicator HTC P3300 (Artemis)

“Until recently HTC’s range (back then – Qtek-branded devices) had had only a handful of models boasting a built-in GPS receiver. At present satellite navigation is all the range on the market – taking advantage of this slack competitors have already launched GPS-armed solutions, like Mio A700, E-Ten G500, HP iPaq hw6515, furthermore, other companies’ GPS-equipped models are coming up.HTC’s main problem lies not in “missing” the birth of a relatively new trend, but rather in having its hand tied with a contract signed with HP (models coming from HP iPaq hw6500 series were developed and are being produced by). According to this agreement HTC was not at liberty to release a communicator with an embedded GPS module for some time after HP iPaq hw6500’s launch. However the company found a kind of way out by coming up with HTC Galaxy, which was a PDA lacking GSM module. But it was the first, and probably the last, “mere” PDA in HTC’s range. Even though the solution was mainly a failure (poor implementation of GPS), it allowed the company to acquire necessary experience profit by its own mistakes.The model bearing “HTC Artemis” codename had been to hit the shelves with Qtek G200 index on its casing; however it ended up with HTC P3300 name, as the company is setting out to give unique names only to top-notch products (MTeoR, TyTN), at least that is what HTC’s representatives have to say. Following this logic, the P3300 is by no means a top solution, but a device that will most likely become of the company’s most popular solutions. The communicator will appear in retail stores not only under HTC’s own trade mark– operators, for example O2 XDA Orbit, will also have own-branded units. The design of the mentioned model, as can be found out on the image above, will slightly differ, though guessing its ancestor is really easy.” Read this nice review here: