Goodbye LG Chocolate, hello Shine!

“LG recently unveiled this new phone in a commercial for BMW. Here’s officially now the LG Shine (or KV4200, LV4200, SV420)! With its nice design and metallic casing, the Shine should become the talk of the town, just as the Chocolate did. It has a 2Mpix camera, an MP3 player with 1GB of memory, M-Commerce… For now, it will be only available in Korea, but an international version should be expected soon afterwards.” More photos of this great looking phone here:

Nokia N93 Software Updates Available

“Good news for Nokia N93 users! Nokia Software Updater provided by Nokia website can now update Nokia N93 camcorder phone. The latest Nokia software updater updates the N93 phone with firmware v11.0.034. Although the N93 is not included in the Nokia UK software updater site, it is included in the Nokia Europe site.To upgrade your Nokia N80 you simply download the updater here and run it off with your pc. Note that the whole process will take about 30 mins, and you should back up all your data as it will be erased after the upgrades.Change log: * Camera buffer changes for more free RAM * 24.7MB free RAM after boot-up (depends on your configuration) * Out of Memory framework threshold changes * Change default setting of Optical zoom for video to Off * Camera application freezes in low memory situation * Fixes for a few potential crash in camera application * SMS freeze * SMS sending delay, hangs fixed * Call crashes fixed * Does not read voice mail number from Cingular USIM * Uncompressed bitmap taken into use and WServ fixNokia has start providing the Update via PC since end August . Supported model includes N70, N72, 6630, 6680, 6681, 6682, 6131, N91 and N93.” Download it here:

Gigabyte unveils PDA phone lineup at 3GSM Asia

“Gigabyte has traditionally been a brand associated with PC component parts such as motherboards and graphics cards, but this perception may soon change when the Taiwanese maker expands its PDA-phone rollout into Asia later this year. The vendor, which is in Singapore for the 3GSM Asia World Congress, told CNET Asia that it plans to introduce its cellular-enabled handhelds in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam in December 2006. Gigabyte handhelds currently have a presence in selected Asian markets such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand and Indonesia. According to Christopher Chen, Gigabyte Communications’ general manager for Global Sales and Marketing, the devices will sport a stronger emphasis on mobile phone features even though they are all full-fledged Windows Mobile PDA-phones with touchscreen displays. According to Chen, an innovative feature that can found on the Gigabyte handsets is the ambient noise generator. This function emits a sound from the device when a call is answered to create the effect of the desired surroundings for the other party. For example, if you want the caller to think you are at a meeting, you can set the phone to play the sound of someone talking in the background in a meeting room. Like the Treo 750v, Gigabyte handsets also come with a function to reject calls accompanied by a preset SMS message you can customize, such as “call you back” or “in a meeting”. At the five-day tradeshow, Gigabyte demonstrated several of its current and upcoming PDA-phones including showcasing the g-Smart i200 PDA-phone for the very first time in Asia. Slated for launch early next year, the i200 will come with a built-in DVB-H receiver, although the company plans to pack in a DVB-T receiver chip as well. The i200 will also feature a VGA display, limited recording capabilities and 512MB of onboard memory. The device will come with the upcoming Windows Mobile (codenamed Crossbow) operating system if it is ready at the time of the i200’s launch, said Chen.” More photos here:

LG shows its Symbian smartphone JoY

“In the Internet you can come across the info that LG Electronics is about to announce its smartphone powered by Symbian OS on S60 3rd Edition. Currently neither a press release nor other official info are published, however the company has displayed the smartphone at the current Smartphone Show in London. It is called LG JoY. At All About Symbian you can find a photo from the show (of pretty good quality) and some info about it.LG JoY is a slider with a 2.4” LCD. The release is expected in 1Q 2007. So, let’s wait for more details.” via