Treo 680 & Cingular 8525 price and release

“The newest slip-up by Cingular … According to what appears to be a recent Cingular marketing presentation they have released some pretty good information about two devices we have been looking for some solid information.. Now we have it! Treo 680: $424.99 straight, $349.99 one year, $249.99 one year with unlimited data (and $100 rebate), $274.99 two year, $174.99 two year with unlimited data (and $100 rebate; their ad, however, shows a $200 list price, but it’s good to know we can count on around two Benjamins. Expect it November 5th (tentative). Cingular 8525: $559.99 straight, $484.99 one year (not including $50 rebate if included with unlimited data), $409.99 two year (also not including that same rebate); expect it October 29th.” via

Nokia 870 web tablet “flashier than its predecessor”

“More handheld tablet news from Nokia. We’ve been rocking the Star Trek-themed 770 ever since we saw that vid on YouTube, and then we liked the multimedia-ness of the smaller 330. The monster successor is on its way: it appears that the Nokia 870 is getting closer to being a full-on computer, complete with “a webcam and more VoIP functions.”Not very many details are available, because Nokia refuses to officially announce this juicy handheld. That said, the Finnish phonemaker has asked that the image be removed from the Internet Tablet Talk forums. Take that however you’d like.” via

Astrology & Horoscope Pro is out for Windows PC

Astrology & Horoscopes Pro “Astrology & Horoscope Pro is a professional program which uses astrology to advice you about……matchmaking by sign, your 2006 horoscope (2007 update free), detailed zodiac sign analysis and numerology by your birthdate/birthday.• Matchmaker by Sign:• Horoscopes 2006:• Zodiac Signs:• Numerology:Astrology & Horoscope Pro Features:* VGA 640×480 & 480×640 graphics.* QVGA resolutions supported.* Resolution choice.* Arrow keys support” Check this program here:

Mylo has potential, but it has holes, too

“The Sony Mylo Personal Communicator I’ve been testing is a tough sell. Short for My Life Online, Mylo is a cool-looking palm-size black or white gadget aimed at the college crowd. With its slide-out “qwerty” keyboard, Mylo is easily mistaken for another gizmo targeted at youthful customers: T-Mobile’s Sidekick 3 cellphone. But Mylo is not a cellphone, though you can use it for free calls through the popular global Skype Internet service. Still, virtually nobody, Sony included, expects students to swap a cell for a Mylo. For one thing, Mylo can’t dial 911.So, given Mylo’s $350 price, it has to offer extra goodies (and perform them well enough) to justify carrying it in addition to a cell, an iPod and other gizmos. Even though Mylo doesn’t require monthly fees, as cellphones do, I’m not convinced Sony has made the case.” Read this interesting article here:

Samsung wants to do smartphone by themselves

“Somewhat like the middle child who always feels the need to prove himself, Samsung has set out to create its own smartphone chip and operating system. The yet to be created smartphone will be rocking their own unique OS, instead of the Symbian, WinMo, and Linux-based systems that they have used in the past.This new solution will come complete with a “full frame built on hardware MPEG engine”, VoIP support, and plenty of love for mobile multimedia. The chipset involved, S3C3 460, will also be developed in house. It is a Java-enabled dual core microprocessor good for 3D accelerating, NAND flash boot loading, and MPEG4 encoding/decoding. I guess if you want to be a world’s first, you have to do it by yourself.” via