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Kinoma Player 4 EX Released for Palm OS!

“Get ready for the first media player for Treo smartphones and Palm handhelds built to stream from ground-up. Kinoma Player 4 EX packs more audio and video streaming technologies than you imagined your handheld could hold – MP3, Windows Media 9, Flash Video, MPEG-4 and RTSP. With the free built-in Kinoma Media Guide, in no time you’ll be watching entertaining internet video and live web cams, and listening to informative radio stations and podcasts. Of course Kinoma Player 4 EX also plays all kinds of mobile media from your memory card – from Windows Media Video 9 and MPEG-4 video to AAC songs ripped with iTunes to JPEG photos from your digital camera.” Find out more here:

HTC offers “true” close button for Windows Mobile devices

“While Microsoft is still doing its best to convince everyone the “smart minimize” feature is the best way to manage one’s running applications, HTC is now allowing access to the “red button” in its devices. According to MoDaCo, all the company’s ROM builds, starting with AKU 2.3, will come bundled with a new applet, capable of closing programs on user request.Dubbed, “Task Manager”, it will allow one to close an active application by either tapping on the “X” button or tapping and holding it for a while. Although there appears to be no exception list, as far as I can understand, one will still be able to manually minimize select applications by doing an opposite trick with their stylus.Of course, one may say there is quite a galore of third-party task managers available already. However, the majority of Windows Mobile users object an ability to close applications in Windows Mobile should be a native one.” via pdalive.com

Palm Treo 680 smartphone, vs Treo 650 smartphone

Palm Treo 650/680 smartphone“What I like about the Treo 680 and 650 as well, is that I never met anyone yet complaining that its hard to type in its keyboard, or that its hard to read in its vibrant and sharp 320×320 screen, I believe Palm can take advantage of the Treo smartphone design for at least another two future smartphones before we start complaining; Treo 750p or 800p with improved specifications, and UMTS/HSDPA or WiFi.The Treo 680 battery cover is bit stronger compared to the Treo 650, and under the cover you’ll find the Samsung made 1200mAH battery which is smaller capacity compared to the 1800mAH Treo 650 battery, and under that you’ll find the SIM tray which is used to be in top near the IR port in the Treo 650.” Read this nice article here:

Acer to launch new smartphone by year end or early 2007

“Acer will return to the handset market by launching a smartphone later this year or early in 2007, company chairman JT Wang said at an investors conference last week. The smartphone, which is outsourced to Compal Communications, will be marketed as a BlackBerry handset for the SOHO and small- and medium-size enterprise (SME) sector, Wang said, without elaborating further.Wang said that Acer posted a gross margin of 10.4% and an operating margin of 2.2% for the three quarters of this year, beating analysts’ forecast of an operating margin of below 2%.For the US market, Acer’s revenues are expected to reached US$1.7-2.0 billion this year with an operating margin of 1.3-1.5%, Wang said, predicting that Acer’s US revenues are likely to top US$2.3-2.5 billion in 2007. In response to market rumors saying that Acer is interested in acquiring US-based notebook vendor Gateway, Wang said that the deal could be too expensive for Acer because the value of Gateway’s intangible assets could top as much as NT$10-15 billion (US$300-450 million).” via digitimes.com

LG released the Chocolate Platinum in Europe

“LG Electronics has announced the release of a new mobile phone LG Chocolate Platinum or LG KE800. According to the name this is another model in the Chocolate series, it is positioned as the luxury version of the original LG Chocolate. LG Chocolate Platinum is also packed in a slider form-factor and equipped with sensor control buttons, however the models have different design and form. Besides it features more advanced technical specs.The Platinum is equipped with a 2-megapixel camera and an FM-tuner, larger memory size and an expansion slot for microSD cards. The user can adjust settings with a 5-line equalizer, active voice command search of music tracks and search by key words. It’s possible to transfer stereo sound via Bluetooth.The specs of LG KE800 “Chocolate Platinum”: GSM (900/1800/1900 MHz), EDGE Display: 2” 176×220 pixels, 262K colors 2-megapixel CMOS-camera with flash, auto focus FM-tuner Music: MP3, AAC, AAC+, AAC++, WAV Video play/write VoD and MoD 256 MB memory Bluetooth, USB Talk time – 2.5 hours Standby time – 270 hours” via mobile-review.com

Review of GSM/UMTS handset Nokia 7390

“On top of that, the 7390 grabs everyone’s attention due to more devices within Nokia’s range coming based on this handset but packing their features in different form-factors, including sliders and candy-bars. Generally speaking these are sales package, design, camera and positioning that will be altering from product to product – in this regard Nokia 5300 is identical to Nokia 7390, since these two are more or less equal functionality-wise, saving for camera, form-factor and missing UMTS in the junior solution. In its turn Nokia 7390 is almost a replica of the upcoming Nokia’s candy-bar flagship that inheriting this title from Nokia 6233. And the last, but not the least, being a folder, the 7390 houses external keys, which greatly extends its capabilities.” Read more here: