Where Will I Go?

For the past few years, as both a user and purveyor of mobile technology, I have been pretty much attached to the Palm OS side of devices. While I am not one to ever turn a blind eye to the Windows Mobile, Symbian, and Linux options out there, I realize that a Palm OS device was always the one that suited me best.But lately–more or less since about this time last year when I started my Treo experiment–I have realized that in some respects I have viewed PDAs in the wrong light, while in others I was a bit ahead. For example, I had always been one to store things on my PDA, but it was always as a backup to what was on my desktop or laptop. But when my laptop went down earlier this year I realized the value of using the PDA as the main device and a laptop or desktop as the accessory computer.” Read this great article here:

VoiceSecureIt Review for Palm OS!

“I was originally very excited to download and try this piece of software out on my Treo 700p. What began as initial enthusiasm soon turned into a total aggravation. It usually took one out of ten tries to unlock my Treo. I rerecorded my pass phrase multiple times in a variety of acoustical environments. I tried my parked car with the engine off, in a carpeted walk-in closet, in my living room, with my hand cupped around the bottom of my Treo and in nearly every quiet real-world setting I could think of. I spoke in a flat, even-toned voice and used simple, mono or bi-syllabic words for my pass phrase. Quite often I’d push the home button to begin recording and the program would not even recognize that I had spoken my pass phrase. Usually waiting until the program beeped and timed out would allow it to hear me properly on the second attempt but my phrase still was not recognized.” Read thie review here:

Review of GSM handset Nokia 8800 Sirocco Edition

“The shape of the rest below the screen was changed as well – now it’s not just a curve barely sticking out of the display’s surface. Pressing the sides of this curve reveals pretty-much comfortable soft-keys mounted on the ends. Your finger will hardly slip off and hit the screen, as it occasionally happened with Nokia 8800. The main loudspeaker’s grill has been tuned a bit, so that now it looks more ascetic, but at the same time attracts loads of dust.Nokia 8800 SE initially comes in two color schemes – Black and Steel” Read this nice review here: