Cingular's Samsung BlackJack i607 Review

“At first glance, the BlackJack looks like a black-clad Moto Q clone. But while this device has all the sex appeal of a scientific calculator, it’s lighter (3.5 ounces vs. 4.1 ounces), a hair thinner (0.46 inches vs. 0.47 inches), and noticeably narrower (2.3 inches vs. 2.5 inches) than the Q. The soft-touch finish gives the BlackJack a good grip, and despite its tiny dimensions, the keyboard didn’t feel cramped. We had no trouble typing e-mail or URLs at a quick pace. Like the Q, the BlackJack sports a thumbwheel on the right side for scrolling through menus and Web pages, along with a corresponding Back/Clear key. We have only two complaints about the design: 1) The BlackJack’s four-way navigation key is too close to the Send and End keys; we accidentally entered the phone menu or exited an application on more than one occasion. 2) With the way the dial pad is arranged on the QWERTY layout, a letter falls between each number (going from left to right), which slows dialing.” Read more here:

Sony Sold 88,400 Sony PS3 in Japan says Enterbrain

EnterBrain Says Sony Sold 88,400 Sony PS3 in Japan Technology News, Electronics Buy Guide and Gadget Review“Japanese game publisher EnterBrain says that Sony sold 88,400 PS3 consoles in the first two days of the launch in Japan. This would be 8,400 consoles more than we had expected. Now of course the Sony PS3 is sold out and catches top prices on eBay, which we reported about yesterday. I do not know how EnterBrain was able to determine this Sony PS3 sales numbers. Sony did not release any statement regarding the launch sales yet. About 62% of the sold Sony PS3 in Japan are 60GB models. That is actually lower than I expected. More details on Reuters.” via

Motorola KRZR K1 review: It's all about the looks

“I must confess that I was really happy to be able to take pictures of Motorola KRZR. It has plenty to show: its top half is all covered with mineral glass said to protect from scratches for a longer time than usual (not tested though). The surface is glossy; dark blue, with violet nuances under particular light conditions; it suits it really well. After having made an inquiry among its clients Motorola proclaimed that „blue is the new black“- a highly true statement in the case of KRZR. In fact, the phone looks even more attractive in reality than in pictures due to its feature to reflect surrounding objects.Yet, beauty comes at the expense of the legibility of the external display, even if miracles could hardly be expected from a display that is not only passive but also hidden behind a „mirror“. The external display is 19 mm wide and 16 mm high and supports 65K colors (some Motorola sources say 262K). Direct sunlight makes it fully illegible leaving the user without a single detail about the state of the phone. Visualization in the dark looks better, but even here white seems rather grey and color saturation is low. The last con to mention regards fingerprints – Motorola KRZR requires frequent cleaning. According to the information we obtained at the press conference held after the phone had been launched, the retail package contains a cleaning cloth. However, we cannot confirm this information as we received only the device itself. On the left, above the external display you will see an icon indicating charging; on the right there is a Bluetooth indicator. When the phone is not active, both indicators remain invisible.” Read this nice review here:

LG offers several new 3G phones in Taiwan

“The PhoneDaily website has a bunch of new 3G phones from LG, including the KE820, KE600, KU830, KU311 and the Chocolate. The KU830 has 200MB of internal memory, Bluetooth A2DP, a MP3 and Mpeg4 player. The KE820 has a 2Mpix camera. The KE600 is a real MP3 player with a QVGA display, 70MB of internal memory, a microSD reader, Bluetooth A2DP. The KU311 has an OLED display, supports the CDMA network, has 25.5MB of internal memory and a MP3 player.” More photos here:

Review of GSM handset I Mobile 902

“The top rim houses the abovementioned latch, allowing you to remove the battery cover. The right place features dedicated camera key, while on the left one will find volume rocker key and covered Micro SD (T-Flash) memory expansion slot. The handset supports memory cards up to 1 Gb big and hot swap feature as well. Two interface ports are mounted on the bottom rim – one for plugging charger and data-cable, whereas the other one is good for headset and video-out. These sockets are both covered with a rubberized flap. The 902 comes included with a stereo-headset making use of Sony EX71SL earphones with three pairs of rubberized earbuds – the default headphones are of superb quality, as they show off excellent noise cancellation capabilities, which is rare for in-the-box headsets. On top of that the handset comes included with a headset-adapter carrying a microphone and 3.5 mm jack allowing for plugging in custom earphones.”Find out more here: