SecureGSM product update supports latest Windows Mobile Phones!

SecureGSM is proud to announce the latest updates for SecureGSM Pro and SecureGSM SP crypto phone products.This latest product update shows SecureGSM’s strong commitment to supporting the latest and up-coming products within the Windows Mobile family.“We are committed to give our customers the widest range of devices to choose from, than any other crypto phone manufacturer. Our customers can choose from a large variety of the latest and greatest devices to suit their personal needs and taste.” said Alexander Moloksher, General Manager of SecureGSM.These latest updates feature functional enhancements as well as support for new and upcoming devices from some of the world’s largest brands of Windows Mobile Communicators and Smartphones.SecureGSM products are available directly from the official SecureGSM on-line store or through a growing list of global partners. A list of SecureGSM Business Partners is available at the SecureGSM Web site.Parties interested in exploring the opportunity of representing SecureGSM in their geographical locations are encouraged to contact SecureGSM.More information about SecureGSM products is available at the official SecureGSM Web site,

Review of Windows Mobile 6.0 for PPC (Crossbow) operating system

“As one of my acquaintances (involved in development) said, “Crossbow is a weapon aimed at our competitors”. Let us see what brand-new features are considered by Microsoft to be such deadly weapons and why this or that function has eventually popped up. So, numerous improvements and updates for Outlook Mobile have much to do with the new version of MS Exchange; refreshed outlook and sound themes are inspired by the upcoming Windows Vista; integration with Windows Live and a new application going by the name of “Live Messenger Mobile” – both are very predictable steps; bundled support for VoIP – a strikeback at the competitor’s actions, who have already implemented this feature into own solutions and a response to the market shifts, demanding for VoIP-enabled products; Smart Dial 2.0 integration into Pocket PC is just another valuable step on the way of merging two Windows Mobile branches. And naturally, WM Crossbow retains all updates brought about by AKUs for Windows Mobile 5.0.The system requirements haven’t changed about – 32 Mb Flash ROM, and 32 Mb RAM. Though the most typical memory volumes for devices will remain 64 Mb ROM and 64 Mb RAM, with ROM size topping out at a couple of gigabytes, depending on model. The new operating system features the same CPU requirements, implying that stable operation is possible at 200 Mhz – as for the very first impressions of managing the Crossbow, the system’s performance has gotten better, as apps and tools are loading somewhat speedier now, and this isn’t only my personal point of view, everyone who had a chance to play around with the OS interface noted that. In fact, the work on optimization started back at the release of AKU 3.0, where they decreased start-up time after soft reset.” Read more about Windows Mobile 6.0 here: