1 GB memory GPS CF add on for Pocket PC

SysOnChip has released a new combo add-on solution for Pocket PC owners.The SysOn CF Memory GPS appears to be the world’s first GPS receiver with integrated flash memory. Based on the popular SiRFStar III chipset, it will not only turn your handheld into a portable navigation device but will also provide up to 1 GB of extra storage for maps, POI databases, etc.The solution should work on any CompactFlash-enabled Pocket PC device, except for the Dell Axim X51v (don’t ask me why – I don’t know the answer, unfortunately). It is available with 256 MB, 512 MB or 1 GB of inbuilt flash.The 1 GB version is offered for $219 at Amazon.com.” Thanks to pdalive for this one.

PSX games emulated on PSP via homebrew

“If you’re not one of those people that camped out for days leading up to November 17th (or if you didn’t unload your life savings on eBay), there’s a good chance that you are not a proud owner of the awe-inspiring PlayStation 3. For this reason, you can’t exactly make use of the PlayStation Network that would let you download legitimate PSone games to your PSP via the PS3.Fret not, retro game enthusiasts, because the homebrew community is just as enthusiastic as you are about Twisted Metal. They’ve come up with an easy way to get PSX games to run on Sony’s handheld. As with most emulators, this latest solution isn’t without its glitches. Sure, it’ll play most games without too many hiccups, but the intro movie in Final Fantasy 7, for example, won’t play properly.Moreover, the L2 and R2 buttons don’t seem to be mapped correctly all the time. Still, it’s gotta be worth a shot. Check out the PSP1 Alpha 1 Playstation One Emulator for PSP here.” via mobilemag.com

Nokia E62 Review at brighthand!

“The E62 is close in design to the Nokia E61 that’s sold in Europe, but with a few key differences. The E61 has support for the European 3G networks, while the E62 does not support any 3G. The E61 has Wi-Fi, while the E62 doesn’t. On the brighter side, the E62 dispenses with the proprietary Nokia “Pop Port” for audio and USB, substituting standard mini-USB and 2.5mm audio connectors. Otherwise, the devices are identical in design and specs.On a side note, this review departs from my usual format a bit. Instead of providing detailed discussion of every one of the device’s specs, I’ll be highlighting only the most important elements, leaving the rest of the details in the spec sheet, and thus saving me from having to find yet another new way of saying “this device uses flash memory.” Read more here:

Review of media centre Sony Ericsson MMV200

“We have spoken much about Sony Ericsson’s prowess in the field of Bluetooth-accessories development – reviews on some gadgets, including headsets have kept on popping up on our portal. However there is another type of devices, which media centers belong to in particular– these are mediums allowing for wireless communication between a handset and a TV set or home stereo. The article devoted to SE MMV-100 has long since been on our site, today we are getting to know closer its successor – the MMV-200. Though this time, it is no ordinary review – we would rather call it a “look-see” of its major features and conclusion on its viability on the market (or, frankly speaking, this type of gadgets on the whole).” Read more here:

CorePlayer Updated for Palm OS

CorePlayer, the new and improved commercial successor to TCPMP, has been released for Palm OS devices. CorePlayer is a advanced multimedia player that handles a wide variety of video formats. This new version is compatible with a wide range of video formats including DivX, H.264, mpeg-4 and much more. The program also includes a MP3 and AAC audio player with support for album art and enhanced podcasts. It also includes new support for skins and streaming support. The full list of changes includes: ersion 1.0.4 (20061125): – Add: Mobile: Support for older versions of Windows CE (4.1, 4.2, etc.)- Add: Mobile: Hot key management- Add: Change the button, check box, folder and top bar bitmaps in the default skin- Add: Media properties will now only show populated tags to save space- Add: Total frames played, dropped frames and average FPS in the Media Properties- Add: Playlist manager: You can now add/remove/move up/move down/crop the selection- Add: Playlist manager: You can now load and save playlists- Add: Profile management for color and equalizer settings- Add: Color management moved to show video window during modifications- Add: Color management added ‘profile’ support- Add: Equalizer added preset and custom profile support- Add: Color and equalizer settings moved from Properties dialog to Player view- Add: Keyboard navigation in Properties dialog- Add: Windows: 3D UI Skin- Add: Windows: Phase one Skin switching (Player closes and reloads the new skin)- Fix: Mobile: Buffering issue for Palm- Fix: Mobile: Device rest bug for Palm- Fix: The thread priority is only available for multithreaded builds- Fix: Improve the random number generator- Fix: Misc internal UI fixes/improvements- Fix: Menu fixes [Symbian]- Fix: YUV fixes in the blitter- Fix: Rare equalizer distortion fix- Fix: Fix dynamic menus under Windows CE- Fix: Improve WMA tag handling- Fix: Various pixel UI changes- Change: UI buttons for file associations- Change: Removed redundant XML code to reduce load time and skin size- Change: CoreUI changes in preparation for the CoreTheque Media Library integration “