O2 launches new navigating XDA into “Orbit”

“UK users will soon have another option when it comes to a full-featured PDA phone, as the GPS-enabled O2 XDA orbit has just been (pardon the pun) launched. While it is perfectly capable of doing all the smartphone things you’ve grown accustomed to this past little while (especially with smartphone sales on the rise), but the biggest selling point here is the integrated GPS chipset.With the O2 XDA Orbit, you’ll be able to navigate using the pre-loaded CoPilot Live satnav package, complete with maps of the UK and Ireland. There’s real-time traffic readers in London, options to avoid toll roads, and even the ability to “view a location in real-time.”The rest of the smartphone goodies run as thus: 2.0MP cam, MP3/AAC player, FM radio, WiFi, WinMo 5, and a wonderful 2.8-inch color TFT LCD touchscreen. More information — including prices — can be found here.” via mobilemag.com

Arvale: Short Tales released for Pocket PC!

“Arvale: Short Tales is a light Role Playing Game with Four separate stories to choose from. Each story consists of about 10-20 hours of gameplay apiece. Short Tales lets you explore 30 vast locations with hundreds of detailed maps, unique characters, and menacing monsters. FEATURES Choose your path from several Main Characters with Four separate stories Explore with Open ended, Quest-style gameplay allowing for more of freedom Engage hundreds of enemies using the Brand New time-based battle engine, which allows for more strategy and interaction Relax with the Simplified Statistics System that keeps you more focused on playing and less worried about counting Navigate mysterious territory with the Improved Map feature Encounter different Day and Night cycles which affect your Quests Interact with NPC’s that react to you differently depending on your character Travel the vast areas of Arvale visiting different locales including forests, deserts, mountains, dungeons, swamps, battlefields, and many more View Radiant, Breathtaking Illustrations and Graphical Elements Listen to a spectacular Dynamic Musical Score which follows your actions through the game using over 90 minutes of melodies in a total of 40 Soundtracks Experience different atmospheres with weather effects like rain, fog, and snow Feel the ambience with over 130 environmental sound effects br> Perform special skills unique to each character, such as Magic, Morphing, and Stealth Venture on a multitude of Side-Quests (for the Overachieving Heroes) toUnlock a special Fifth Character for even more Tales Multiple Endings determined by your actions in the game Laugh along with the hilarious story-telling and the witty dialogues that have become a signature of the Arvale series ” Check it here:

Review of GSM handset BenQ Siemens E71

“The main drawback reported by customers is malfunctioning software on many devices, which has been the bad reputation builder for Siemens over the past few years and sales reducer as well. Over at the company they decided to give up modern trends and develop new models basing off the proven SGold2 platform, which also allowed coming up with flawlessly running software. BenQ Siemens E71 was meant to be one of the heroes bringing the company back to life. Why do we mention it in the past tense? Unfortunately, the general state affairs in the company inevitably lead to the situation when the device will be picked by sophisticated users, rather than the masses, and besides the stock in Russian and European distributors’ warehouses is very limited.” Read more here: