Paintball 2 was updated to v1.7 and certified by Microsoft

Paintball 2 This game is (mobile2market) Windows Mobile Smartphone CertifiedPaintball 2 got certified by Microsoft that this game will work perfectly on your mobile phone. (UPI: NS0579)—06/Dec/2006 UPDATE (1.7) —* Paintball Passed the “Designed for Windows Mobile 2005” Logo That means the Microsoft certifies that this game will work perfectly on your PDA. (mobile2market) Unique Product Identifier: NS0579* Redraw screen bugs fixed* Bugs with hiscores fixed* Redraw screen bugs fixed* Bugs with hiscores fixedWatch Paintball 2 video reviewClick here for more:

LG Chocolate Phone Goes Windows Mobile

“LG is extending their chocolate phone series to Windows Mobile pocket pc phone with the introduction of KC1 for Korea. Presented in ITU communication show in Hong Kong, the KC1 support the Wimax connection, has a big 2.8″ QVGA touch screen, 2 megapixel camera and microSD slot. The pocket pc phone to be released in Korea at the moment but we can expect more chocolate series from LG for other regions.” More photos here:

Seidio just released the super extended 3200 mah battery for Treo

Extended Life Battery “Need more power from your battery? This BRAND NEW 3200mAH Extended Battery provides enough power to please any power-hungry Treo-talker!This Extended Battery provides approximately 77% more power than the battery that initially ships with the Treo (1800mAH) and 33.3% more power than our popular 2400mAh Extended Battery. Moreso, our 3200mAh provides 10.7 hours in talk-time and 533 hours in standby-time!!While we have packed a lot of power into one battery, this product only extends your Treo by 3mm! Plus, this battery is compatible with our popular Spring Clip Holster!For those on the go without access to an external charging alternative, this is the answer. This battery will keep your Treo going throughout the day, even with very heavy phone and data usage.With the purchase of this battery, you will receive a battery door to fit your new battery. Please select the appropriate battery door to match your particular phone model from the dropdown menu above.” Check it here:

Flash Lite 2.1 Player for Symbian and Windows Mobile 5.0

“The new FL2.1 player for Symbian and Windows Mobile 5.0 devices is available on the Adobe mobile and devices developer center.Here are some things to be aware of for the FL2.1 players:- FL2.1 players are now free to developers and consumers- FL2.1 is now supported for 3 major platforms: Symbian, BREW, Windows Mobile 5.0- Developers can develop their applications for one platform and easily port it to additional platforms with minimal changes- Flash developers can leverage their skills and tools available today since FL2.1 is based on Flash Player 7- Today there are no Symbian or Windows Mobile 5.0 handsets that have FL2.1 pre-installed but Adobe is making the players available to developers to allow them to start creating applications and content in preparation for upcoming supported handsets- there’s no IMEI locking for the players- there are 3 installers: one for Nokia S60 2nd edition feature pack 2 and 3, and one for Nokia S60 3rd editionSelling Flash Lite content for Nokia handsetsAdobe announced a global partnership with Handango in which they will be selling Flash Lite apps and content for Nokia S60 and Series 40 handsets that have FL pre-installed.Developers from around the world will be able to sign-up with the Handango Content Partner Program to upload and sell their work.Here are some things about the partnership with Handango:- There’s now an opportunity for developers to sell their Flash Lite applications and content to consumers- Handango provides a complete end-to-end solution for developers, handling billing and other aspects- Handango offers several distribution channels of Flash Lite applications and content- Handango is the first of many ecosystem partnerships that Adobe will be announcing over the next several months- More information here” via

Elegant Toshiba TS32 Mobile Phone Announced

” If you’re in Hong Kong, you’re in cellphone heaven and you know what I mean. Toshiba Corporation recently announced the Toshiba TS32 and it’s currently available through SmarTone-Vodafone in Hong Kong. With the success of modest and not over-the-top cell phones, manufacturers are going with an attractive, candy-shaped model and the paying customers overwhelmingly approve. The GSM TS32 phone will include the standard features, but the press release states its compatibility with advanced services; also called EDGE along with various other names.As featured above, it comes in Lunar Graphite, Desert Gold, and Midnight Purple and it doesn’t weigh much. The 1.3 mega pixel camera is far below impressive with the standard digital zoom. The TS32 features SMS, MMS, email, Bluetooth, WAP 2.0, a microSD slot, and an FM radio. Honestly, a standard phone with minimal features given the data available but it looks nice and the Desert Gold model is worth having if you wear beige pants to a dinner party.” via