WM Smartphone Support Added to Skype

“The newly released beta version of Skype 2.2 for Windows Mobile is the first that offers support for WM Smartphones. It also extends the number of supported Pocket PCs. This free VoIP application allows users to make Skype-to-Skype calls or use the SkypeOut service to call regular landlines. It also has an instant text messaging component.To make a voice call, the Pocket PC or WM Smartphone needs a high-speed wireless connection, which is why it requires devices with Wi-Fi or 3G.Other New FeaturesThe beta of Skype 2.2 includes more new features than just WM Smartphone support.For example, it also offers an enhanced Today Screen plug-in that displays: presence status, missed calls, new chat messages, and voicemails.Skype for Windows Mobile can be downloaded for free from it’s developer’s web site. Skype-to-Skype calls are always free, but there is a fee for calling regular phones. A year of unlimited calls to any phone in the U.S. or Canada is $14.95.” via brighthand.com

The Quest has been updated to 1.02 for Pocket PCs!

” The Quest is a graphically stunning, engaging and sinister world full of magic, music and provocative challenges.Choose from five customizable races and an array of skills, attributes, weapons, armor and enchantments, then explore a huge non-linear realm of four different cities and a wilderness of mountains, caves, lakes and forests. Play an absorbing card game, solve brain-teasing quests and clash with dangerous opponents in this turn- and skill-based role playing game. Bugs fixed: unable to reconfigure keys properly in the Settings menu – fixed description for items that are larger than the available designated space – fixed. Scrolling arrows now appear if needed. recharge bug (the possibility to recharge a recharge wand by itself) – fixed infinite potion bug (the possibility to continue making potions after all the ingredients are used) – fixed walking to a wall or obstacle is considered as a step – fixed the “Wand of Magic immunity” description (“Casts Magic immunity at skill level 0 (10 charges)” is now ‘Casts Magic immunity at skill level 40 (8 charges)’ – fixed if you equip 2 identical rings in the same time will get bonus only from one of them- fixed autosave bug (the possibility to respawn after you died and continue the game with 1hp if you load the autosave) her – fixed. Ransom Money quest bug (the possibility to take the reward more then once) – fixed getting rid of the Orc at the bridge (by giving him the Idol), before finishing the ‘Find Marisola’s Hand Mirror’ quest will disable the option to receive afterwards the ‘Orc at the bridge’ quest from her – fixed Mysterious man bug (the possibility of taking more then one Mysterious Cloak) – fixed ‘Help Lord Solamar’ quest bug (he’s asking for a strong healing potion, but he actually want’s a full healing potion) – fixed Mithria’s drain bug (both entries pointed to the same exit in Mithria City Centre) – fixed the “unlockable door” in the Mithria cemetery that leads to the Witch Queen domain teleport could be opened with a level 90 Unlock spell – fixed crashes when saving/loading – fixed crashes when exiting a house and outside is raining – fixed other crashes during the game – fixed ” Check this great game here:

Review of GSM communicator HTC P4350 (Herald)

After brief hesitation, they picked black as the casing’s main color, even though early release candidates were taupe. The casing’s curves are now not so “barrel-like”, as they were on HTC Wizard; this Herald is somewhat similar to HTC Prophet dimensions-wise, so it’s not a big deal to confuse them from afar. Almost all owners of HTC Wizard that I know gave the P4350 positive marks for its looks owing to more portable and thus appealing casing, auto opening mechanism (read more below). And about a half of these people seriously considered the possibility of updating their old Wizards with the Herald.” Read more here: