Pocket Tunes 4.0 has been released for Palm OS!

With Pocket Tunes Deluxe, you can finally listen to what you want to hear. NEW in 4.0! Internet radio presets, AAC, aacPlus, album art, and lots more! Play hundreds of Internet radio stations from the built-in catalog or tune in to your favorites. Auto-sync your music from your computer and CDs. Access millions of songs from compatible music subscription services. Listen to audio books and podcasts. And so much more!Pocket Tunes is the most widely-used music player for Treo smartphones. Find out why hundreds of thousands of customers love it! $37.9515-day money-back guarantee!

HanDBase 3 for Symbian S60 3rd Edition review

HanDBase smartphone screenshot 3“Another very handy feature of HanDBase is that it lets you encrypt database files, so you could use it to edit and store sensitive information on your phone such as credit card numbers or security codes. This potentially replaces the many dedicated wallet and safe applications already available for S60, and gives the user far more flexibility into the bargain. However, you have to go and manually mark each field for encryption at creation time, and that’s only possible after you’ve switched encryption on in the security settings menu. If you add encryption after the creation of the database’s fields, the program will not encrypt anything. Even worse, despite there being no automatic encryption there is an automatic prompting for the password, so the user might well think their data is secure when it isn’t. I only found out that my data wasn’t secure when I accidentally pressed enter without entering my password and noticed that everything was visible anyway. This major flaw in the user interface needs to be addressed, perhaps by forcing users to select fields to encrypt as soon as they’ve switched the encryption on.” Read more here:

LG KE850 a Slim Touch Screen Phone

” LG KE850 is one of the product that won iF Product Design Award 2007. There wasn’t any information on the mobile phone but mobilport releases few pictures of it today.The slim LG KE850 is rather a simple design with a display screen took up most of the space of front body. The size of the display screen is unknown, but the resolution is as high as 240 x 400 pixels. The phone do not has a keypad or slide keypad, the touch screen will do all the task needed. Send, End and Confirm button are available below of the screen to let you pick up call easily. We can see Media, Office shortcut menu on the menu screen shot, you will be probably able to open/edit office documents on the large screen. The black body reminds us that it could be one of the chocolate phone series, we will just have to wait for the official announcement. Enjoy a couple more photos at next page for now.” More photos here:

Review of GSM handset Nokia 6300

“However Nokia 6300 is rooted not in the modern age – as a matter of fact it’s a reincarnation of the top selling Nokia 6100 that arrived in the market early in 2003. There is a little to doubt about – these two models share almost the same strategies in marketing and positioning, but differ in the sense of casing’s thickness, which is highlighted more for the 6300. The target audiences for Nokia 6100 and Nokia 6300 are pretty much the same – men and women with more or less equal ratio for either model, who are want to acquire a fair feature-pack (they call it “modern” and by that mean player, radio and crisp display), eye-candy design and, more importantly, an eye-picking brand on the phone for reasonable money. Relying on this audience is not a miscalculation – the way Nokia 6300 is positioned has been proven by the experience of the prior offerings, thus give a warm welcome to a new Nokia’s bestseller.” Read this nice review here: