Palm Treo 680 Review at brbrighthand!

Sony Ericsson's P990i Approved for the USA “The front of this smartphone is dominated by the display, a 320-by-320-pixel, 16-bit, TFT touchscreen. The whites were excellent and there was much better color saturation with the 680 than on my older 650. It very much reminded me of the Palm Tungsten E2 in how well the screen’s colors displayed.Below the screen are the green and red action buttons. The green button is used only in the phone application. It can initiate a call after the number has been dialed or bring up a quick dial list when on the main phone screen. The red button will hang up a call, as well as turn off the screen when pressed quickly; or when pressed and held, turn off the cellular radio (airplane mode).” Read this great review here: