Review of GSMUMTS smartphone Nokia N93i

“The dimensions of the N93i are nothing to should about either – while the N93 comes in at 118х55.5х28 mm and 188 grams, the newcomer features 108x58x25 mm and 163 grams. Bluntly speaking, dubbing this handset as “so-much-more-portable” wouldn’t be the right thing, that’s why the way the N93i will be treated in won’t change too much, since the most crucial flaw of the phone is neither height nor width, but is thickness, brought about by such awesome camera module found inside, even though it has been shape-changed in the N93i. In-hands experience of the N93i is no different from what we felt with its predecessor, although the top half has become much lighter, it doesn’t make all the difference in the handset’s image.” Read more about this great smartphone here:

New UMPC powered by Vista by Medion

“At CES 2007 show Medion has unveiled its new ultra mobile PC MD RIM 1000. This is one of the first models with Origami Experience interface introduced by Microsoft. I’d note that UMPC of the last year featured similar form and dimensions and now everything is getting different. For example, the UMPC by Medion is equipped with a 6.5” display. It is peculiar for variety of input methods – the stylus or the finger with the touchscreen or the keyboard. The release is set for the end of January. Most likely we’ll see the device under different brands, as it is released on the OEM-basis.The specs of Medion UMPC: Operating system – Microsoft Windows Vista Display – 6.5” 800×480 pixels CPU – VIA C7-M 770 Chipset – VX700 512/768 MB DDR2 RAM HDD 30 GB VGA-camera Wi-Fi (802.11b/g), Bluetooth 2.0 Slot for SD/SDIO/MMC cards VGA-out, USB 2.0 x 2, connector for the headphones and the microphone Optionally – GPS, TV-tuner, TPM Dimensions – 190×120.8×28.3 mm Weight – 720 g Battery life on a single charge – 4 – 5 hours” via