Samsung SPH 6550: a new DMB phone

“Samsung Electronics has released in Korea its new mobile phone – the SPH-B6550. This is a clamshell phone, its display part has additional degree of freedom and can be open in landscape mode for a more comfortable watching of T-DMB programs.It will be distributed by LG Telecom operator. The phone supports new operator’s service – EPG (Electronic Program Guide).Besides the SPH-B6550 is equipped with a 1.3-megapixel camera, an MP3-player supporting mobile banking and Bluetooth interface. The recommended price for the phone makes up 500 thousand Won, i.e. some $530.” via

DialByPhoto Review For Palm OS!

“One of the more interesting aspects of owning a mobile phone with a camera is being able to assign photos to contacts. There have been a few solutions for dialing contacts by choosing a photo, but none have been as versatile as GX-5’s DialByPhoto. This is very close to being a replacement to the entire Phone application on Palm OS-based Treo devices. It replaces the Phone application front end and contact look up with a photo driven interface.It takes a little bit to set up, as you have to tell the application which contacts you want in your listing and then what the photo and numbers are that you want attached to it, but after that you have an extremely well designed way to look for people to call. I honestly found myself calling people just because it was so fun to look at the different photos. DialByPhoto also has an “ignore with SMS” feature that will enable your Palm OS Treo to send a text message to people whose phone call you don’t want to take.Fair warning, though, DialByPhoto is a beta and so there are bugs and some glitches to be found when using it. And it’s not a free beta. The price is $9.95 for a few more days, when it jumps up to $14.95.This program is very large, too. You will need 2 MB of space just to get through the installation, and so some Treo 650 users might feel the pinch a bit more than other Treo users. To learn more and download a trial of of this application, visit GX-5’s web site either on your PC or on your Treo.” via