Reinventing the Palm OS: A How To Guide

“They say it’s never polite to point out a woman’s age, or make note of her wrinkles and liver spots. It’s just not mannerly, and besides you never know when the old gal may thrash you over the head with her cane in backlash. But enough about my grandmother.Aging software on the other hand deserves less delicate treatment so I feel no shame in dumping a tired OS out of its wheelchair onto the pavement, even if the software bears a woman’s name. I’m talking of course about everyone’s favorite geriatric mobile platform, now known to the world merely as Garnet OS – or unofficially by its more fitting nickname FrankenGarnet. Ironically the only thing that has ever changed with this platform is its name, having started out in life simply as Palm OS 5, and having gone through several identities thereafter before finally settling on its current moniker. Like a tired old draft horse this OS has plodded through life largely unchanged for so long it looks as out of place in today’s mobile environment as bell bottom pants and platform shoes.The few who feel otherwise are typically platform diehards like myself who simply don’t want to give up their trusty but rusty Treo. Tip: this isn’t 1997, folks. Time to stop living in the past – no matter how warm and familiar the interface may be.” Read this very interesting article here: