Trolltech Partners with VirtualLogix to Bring Linux to Feature Phones

“In a move to speed the entry of Linux into the mobile phone mass market, Trolltech and VirtualLogix have integrated Trolltech’s Qtopia platform for Linux handsets and VirtualLogix’s VLX software on a single-core processor. Trolltech and VirtualLogix have formed a partnership and, will be demonstrating the single-core processor form-factor at 3GSM.The partnership yields its first results at 3GSM where the demonstration will show VirtualLogix’s VLX real-time virtualization software integrated with Trolltech’s Qtopia platform on a single ARM9 processor core. By running Qtopia and its Linux host, together with the radio modem stack and its RTOS host, on a single core within a mobile phone form factor, the companies demonstrate that Linux can be quickly introduced into low-cost, high volume feature phones.”Linux and Qtopia running on a single-core processor represent a major breakthrough in the mobile market,” said Haavard Nord, co-CEO and co-Founder, Trolltech. “Our partnership and integration with VirtualLogix brings Qtopia to the forefront once again as the mobile Linux platform to watch.”Trolltech and VirtualLogix at 3GSMThe demonstration will be available at the 3GSM World Congress Barcelona, Feb. 12-16, at Trolltech’s stand: Hall 2 Level 0 Stand 2C72 at VirtualLogix’s stand: Hall 2, Stand 21B04 and at NXP’s stand: Stand 8B110, Hall 8.” via

UIQ Technology announces the availability of UIQ 3.1

UIQ Technology today announces the availability of UIQ 3.1, an extension of UIQ 3, the open software platform and user interface based on Symbian OS. UIQ 3.1 further extends configuration options when creating new mobile phones and provides added benefits in both usability and flexibility.UIQ 3.1, based on Symbian OS v9.2, extends the softkey configuration options in UIQ 3 and provides functions that facilitate multitasking, making it easier to navigate between applications. UIQ 3.1 also supports scalable vector graphics that will give mobile phone manufacturers further options when creating mobile phones with a rich user experience. ” UIQ 3.1 is developed in order to further expand and broaden the options for phone manufacturers to create attractive mobile phones for different market segments”, says Peter Molin, VP Product Management at UIQ Technology. ” With the aim to extend UIQ smartphones into the mass-market, UIQ Technology’s focus is to ensure that UIQ provides maximum options for phone manufacturers to customize their phones.”A UIQ 3.1 SDK (software development kit) for Symbian OS will be available shortly.UIQ on Symbian OS is a software platform that offers the framework and the tools to innovate and create an entire portfolio of highly diversified phones for different user segments – all based on a single codeline. This means that mobile phone manufacturers, UIQ partners and independent developers can create software that serves all UIQ phones regardless of form factor and branding. For more information: here:

Samsung announces the Ultra Smart F700!

“Samsung today announced a new addition to its Ultra portfolio with the introduction of Ultra Smart F700. This revolutionary mobile phone will be showcased at 3GSM World Congress, the largest telecommunications event, next week. The F700 features unrivaled design and brings a superior range of multimedia experiences to consumers. The Ultra Smart is a part of Samsung’s Ultra portfolio which boasts a full touch screen as well as QWERTY key pad. It reflects the recent trend in telecommunications industry of touch screen user interface and, for users who are not yet familiar with a touch-screen-only user interface, it also implements a QWERTY key pad and VibeTonz technology which allows them to feel the buttons accompanied by responsive vibrations. A “Drag and drop” method of touch screen was adopted for easier menu navigation along with music play list control for an expanded multimedia experience. Volume, play lists, brightness of screens as well as other menu control can be controlled utilizing the touch screen. As speed is becoming crucial for data communications, Samsung has included the latest trends in mobile to the Ultra Smart F700. The Ultra Smart reflects the latest speed of 7.2 Mbps under the High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) network. Once the 7.2 Mbps HSDPA network completely deployed, F700 users can download an mp3 song (about 4MB each) in 4.4 seconds. A full HTML browser along with the QWERTY key pad enables easy access to the internet for e-mail and data services. Using the new F700, business and creative professionals are able to view content on a stunning 2.78″ color display. The device features first class entertainment with a top-of-the-line 5 mega-pixel camera with auto focus and Bluetooth. With 7.2 Mbps HSDPA, it makes it easier to watch videos, listen to songs, share high-quality photos, or catch up on email on the move.” More photos of this GREAT smartphone here: