Return To Mysterious Island Review for S60 3rd Edition

RTMI beach screenshot“You play Mina, a modern-day yachtswoman who suddenly finds herself stranded on… the Mysterious Island! The island seems uninhabited at first, but you soon start to spot signs of human activity and abandoned technology. The plot is rather similar to the TV series Lost, although this game was written years before Lost went into production.The beginning of the game has a very basic aim: food. In order to explore further inland you must move some logs out of the way, but to do that you have to get your strength back by finding and cooking food on the beach area. At this point it’s HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you look at the Powerpoint presentation included with the game files, it walks you through the beach area’s tasks and gets you into the right frame of mind to solve later puzzles. You need to be in this frame of mind or you will find progress very difficult. Tasks are solved by using various objects on various locations, and many puzzles have to be solved using combined objects. For example you have to combine a knife with a flint to make a lighter, and then combine that with tinder and wood to start a fire, which you can place on the ground in a certain location and use to cook crabs.” Read more here:

Nokia to lay off up to 700 employees

Handset leader Nokia will lay off up to 700 people globally, mostly in its enterprise business operation, in a move to increase efficiency and improve competitiveness, an Associated Press report said.The Associated Press re port said the layoffs, expected within the next few months, include some 340 workers in Finland. The cuts will affect research and development, related sales and marketing, as well as internal information technology operations.Nokia said it will try to transfer some of the affected workers to different posts:”We have a number of positions open in Nokia, and the impacted people are naturally priority candidates for positions that match their competencies,” Juha Akras, SVP in the company’s human resources department, was quoted by the report as saying. “We have a good track record from previous years of redeploying employees in similar situations.” via