Review of GSM smartphone HTC S710 (Vox)

“After grabbing the device, the first thing that catches your eyes is the big TFT display, occupying 2/3 of the face plate’s real estate. The screen is protected by a plastic layer, covering its active area and ending at the border with the numeric pad. Doing so allows making the display dust-proof. The screen is topped by an earpiece, flanked by charging and wireless status LEDs. At the bottom of the right spine is a microSD memory expansion slot covered by a rubber flap, linked to the casing. Looking at the top of the right side reveals dedicated camera button, while on the opposite side you will find volume rocker key positioned more towards the upper end, and voice button a bit lower. Another thing of note is that the side-mounted keys are flush with the spines’ surface, which occasionally gives you a hard time pressing them. For example, when managing volume level during a call – to adjust volume you will need either to locate it find by feeling (takes time) or take away from your ear, thus interrupting the conversation. Completing the exterior is the SIM-card socket on the left spine. ” Read more about this nice smartphone here: