LG Electronics Sweeps Design Award in 2007 again!

“LG Electronics received kudos again this year after winning in 29 categories at the Red Dot Design Awards, the prestigious international industrial design competition. LG said its Prada Phone was named as the “Best of the Best” by the Red Dot award committee. The company said that it won the second most awards next to Siemens of Germany, which had 31 awards including its medical and light equipment. “LG has proven our design expertise through recognition from this prestigious design organization for the past several years,” Shin Sang-young, head of LG’s corporate design center, said in a release. “With this, we will solidify our commitment to emotive product design.” The grand prize-winning Prada Phone was co-developed by LG and Italian fashion brand Prada. Only 12 millimeters thick, the new handset is extremely popular especially in Europe as it makes use of a touch-sensitive screen instead of buttons, just like Apple’s iPhone. According to the firms, the graphic user interface of the Prada Phone was designed by Miuccia Prada, the granddaughter and inheritor of founder Mario Prada, and ring tones were also composed by Prada sound engineers. It is the second consecutive year that LG has taken the top prize home. Last year, its wide-screen laptop PC T1 and a world-first wall-mounted digital projector were honored as the “Best of Best.” Other award-winning products of LG included the Shine phone, a microwave oven, side-by-side refrigerator, LCD TV, plasma TV, PC Monitors, touch screen MP3 player and a portable navigation device. The Red Dot Design Awards are considered one of the most prestigious industrial design awards in Europe along with iF Design Awards. Over 2,500 submissions from 43 countries were received this year. Last year, LG broke industry records by winning in 20 categories at the Red Dot and 11 categories at the iF Design Awards. It also won Red Dot’s “Design Team of the Year 2006” award for its focus on design management for only the second time for an Asian company. ” via mobile-review.com

Nokia N77 Preview DVBH Mobile TV Handset

“The Nokia N77, which was announced at the recent 3GSM in Barcelona, is a DVB-H (Mobile TV) focused Nseries smartphone. The N77 is a monoblock form factor, very similar in styling and build to the Nokia N73. It is likely that the N77 and N73 share a common base, although there are a number of important differences outside the obvious DVB-H functionality.The N77 is Nokia’s second integrated DVB-H handset. The first, which will continue to be available (in some markets), is the transformer-style form factored Nokia N92. Whereas the N92 was something of a higher end ‘technology-test’ phone that was relatively expensive and lacked something in the design department, the N77 is a well put together smartphone aimed at a wider market. In its form factor, styling and pricing, it is clear that the N77 should achieve broader appeal. For operators with DVB-H services, the N77 should become a standard handset in the offering and is likely to be one of the better selling DVB-H phones.” Read more here:

TreoMemo Review For Palm OS!

TreoMemo Palm Software“As we’ve come to expect from Gx5, TreoMemo is a visual treat. The boring old black-on-white look of the built-in Memos app is but a distant memory. TreoMemo gives you a nice selection of colourful skins to choose from, with more available on Gx5’s site for free. (I’m particularly fond of the Crimson one; it matches nicely with my Treo 680.) In addition to the jazzier colour palette, the memo titles themselves have alternating background colours that make it easier to distinguish one line from the next. The scrollbar and category picker have also been revamped for easier thumbscreening, which is something I’ve always appreciated about Gx5’s designs. Apart from the visual upgrade, TreoMemo also offers some helpful new features that can greatly enhance your memo usage. To start with, TreoMemo offers a handy Search function that makes it a snap to quickly find that snippet of information you’re hunting for. Just tap the magnifying glass icon on the main screen and you’re presented with a simple search box and a big fat search button. Easy as pie. (I’m not sure what makes pie easy, but there you have it.) You can also just start typing from the main display and it will narrow the list down by title.” Read more here: