Samsungs 8GB hard drive phone

” At this year CeBIT Samsung show new phone with amazing 8GB hard drive. This is the largest hard drive for mobile phones. This model SGH-i310 runs at Windows Mobile 5.0. This phone is perfect for music fans, becouse they can storage a lot of music in this phone. Aslo samsung phones have a very quality sound, so this is good reason to buy this phone if you enjoy in the sound.The SGH-i310 have a Bluetooth, 2 Mpx camera with flash, and USB to transfer songs from PC to phone. This phone is first time presented on CeBIT 2007. Samsung wants to take a part of the iPods portable music market. This is not the best decision, because research by RBC Capital Markets show that 70% of consumers don’t have need for playing music on mobile phones.This music phone have microSD slot, document viewer and TV output. Also we can’t forget stereo speakers, this is the music phone after all. The i310 will be introduced in Europe in the second half of this year.” via

Nokia N95 multimedia computer starts shipping!

Nokia today announced that the Nokia N95 started shipping in key European, Asian and Middle Eastern markets, with expanded shipments to other markets in those regions in the coming weeks. The Nokia N95 is an all-in-one multimedia computer with a unique 2-way slide design, integrated GPS functionality, a 5 megapixel camera and support for high-speed mobile networks, making it easier to watch and record videos, listen to songs, take high-quality photos, browse the internet, or catch up on email while on the move. “The Nokia N95 is the ultimate multimedia computer and a fantastic example of what Nokia Nseries devices can deliver,” said Juha Putkiranta, senior vice president, Multimedia, Nokia. “It easily replaces a number of single purpose devices with a well designed package that is with you and connected. The Nokia N95 is what computers have become – personal, powerful and connected devices.” Designed for High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) networks and with support for WLAN, EDGE and WCDMA networks, the Nokia N95 provides excellent coverage and connection speeds. Browsing the internet and subscribing to your favourite news feeds is a pleasure using the Nokia Web Browser with Mini Map. The Nokia N95 offers a well rounded entertainment experience with a sharp color display, built-in stereo speakers, a standard 3.5 mm audio connector and support for compatible microSD memory cards. With powerful 3D graphics, the Nokia N95 has a stunning user interface that makes it intuitive to find the features and services you want. With its integrated GPS and Nokia Maps application, finding your way just got easier. The Nokia Maps application includes maps for more than 150 countries, enabling users to explore the world, find specific routes or locate services such as restaurants and hotels and covering more than 15 million points of interest. You can also purchase additional features, such as city guides and voice guided navigation. The innovative 2-way slide design makes it easy to switch between different modes, going from reading maps to watching a video with a simple slide. With Carl Zeiss optics on the 5 megapixel camera, you can capture print quality photos and DVD-like quality video clips. The Nokia N95 is based on the world’s leading S60 software on Symbian OS, enabling you to personalize your device from a wide choice of compatible applications that can be downloaded to the Nokia N95, including games, navigation, entertainment, productivity and creativity.

DialByPhoto 1.3 has just been released For Palm OS!

“”DialByPhoto for your Treo lets you speed dial your favorite acquaintances that you call regularly with photos. Rather than always searching through your contacts or trying to remember some speed dial code, DialByPhoto lets you instantly call these individuals using their beautiful photos or people icons, saving you time and making the experience super enjoyable. Features: * Instant access to Photo Contacts * Store Photo Contacts by category * Speed SMSing * Reject by SMS * Customizeable interface * Call Duration Information * Simultaneous Search and Dial * Rapid Web Searching” Check this great program here:

Review of UMTS communicator HTC Advantage (X7500)

“Almost the entire fascia’s real estate is taken by the display, which is a 5-inch screen with VGA resolution – we will say some words about it as we dig deeper into the review. In the top left corner sits the joystick, using which you can navigate through the menu and launch applications. The joystick’s coating is made of soft, albeit slightly rubberized material, which doesn’t let your finger slip, the joystick moves with ease, perhaps easier than we hoped it would. This causes strange feelings, as holding a device marginally short of 500 grams in weight, the finger on the joystick automatically expects to hitch and get proper feedback on every press, but nothing like this actually happens. Anyhow softness of the joystick is something requiring getting used to, as it will seem to you far too easy to move.” Read more about this great device here: