More light shed on HTC CENSUS

“Some more details on a new HTC’s enterprise communicator have become available lately. In FCC documents it is mentioned as HTC CENSUS. The device is remarkable for its form-factor, or to be more precise, for its rectangular design, the fingerprints scanner and missing camera. Besides you can find the info on GPS navigation in the manual and notice a SiRFstarIII (GSC3LTif) chip on the photos of its hardware filling.Short spec sheet of HTC CENSUS: Networks: CDMA 850/1900 MHz, EVDO 1x Operating system: Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC Phone Edition CPU: Intel Bulverde 416 MHz Memory: 128 MB Flash ROM/64 MB SDRAM, SD slot Display: 3.5”, touchscreen, 240×320 pixels Battery: Li-ion polymer, 3000 mAH Connectivity: miniUSB, Bluetooth, IrDA Dimensions: 153.9x79x29.2 mm Weight: 350 g.” via

DataViz released Documents To Go 10 with Office 2007 Support

“DataViz, Inc. has just released Documents To Go Premium Edition 10, the first version to allow users to view Microsoft Word and Excel 2007 files in their native formats on a Palm OS device.Office 2007 is the most significant upgrade in this suite of applications in about a decade, leading to big changes in the associated file formats. The latest version uses a new Extensible Markup Language (XML) based file format, Open XML, which was designed to facilitate data exchange between different information systems. Documents To Go Premium Edition 10 includes support for the new .docx and .xlsx Open XML formats in Office 2007. However, at this point users can only view files in these formats, not edit them. A release with full Office 2007 file editing support for Word, Excel and PowerPoint will be available later in the year. This application also doesn’t support Windows Vista because it relies on the Palm Desktop and HotSync software, which doesn’t offer full Windows Vista support. DocsToGo won’t be able to support Vista until Palm’s synchronization software does.The “view only” limitation in DocsToGo applies only to files in the new Office 2007 formats. This application allows users to edit and save Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents from earlier versions of Microsoft Office in their native formats.It makes use of DataViz’s InTact technology, which allows mobile users to make changes to documents without removing their complex file formatting, including change tracking, headers and footers, macros, and animations. Documents To Go Premium Edition 10 sells for $49.99 and is available directly from DataViz.Upgrade pricing of $29.99 is available for previous DocsToGo customers, including those who received the Professional Edition with a Palm-branded device.” via

Pantech PN820 Smartphone Review

“The device looks fairly unassuming on the surface, with a simple black and silver color scheme that–while not unappealing–also isn’t excessively flashy. The styling neither shocks nor delights, as well, but not necessarily in a good way. It’s an adequate clamshell phone design, and feels decent in the hand, but there’s a definite awkwardness to certain of the design elements. Most notably, the extendable stub antenna sticks out of the device like it was welded on well after the original design phase. The buttons are similarly nothing too surprising, but they are pleasantly large and well thought out. The only stumbling block is that the Home and Back keys, typically located in a left/right alignment on Windows Mobile Smartphones, are instead placed above and below the directional pad. This takes a little getting used to if you’re used to it other way” Read more here:

Nokia 6300 review: The slim Finn

“Slim phones are fashionable these days. Quite understandable, isn’t it? Who would prefer to carry a device that fills up their pocket with an unpleasant bulge? Obviously, Nokia has also had to go on a diet as this new model is 6 mm thinner than Nokia 6233. Here are all its parameters: 106 x 44 x 12 mm. Nokia 6300 weighs merely 91g, which, given its steel plates, is another admirable achievement. Nokia 6300 comes in a decent black & silver combination. Everything that is silver is made of steel. Black areas are made of glossy plastic material. The display and the functional part of the keypad are located inside a black frame that stands out over the surrounding surface a little. As a result of this, Nokia 6300 notably resembles Nokia 3230. The phone construction benefits a lot from the significant amount of metal material used on it as these make it extremely solid. Nokia 6300 did not give out a single creak, not even under strong pressure. The battery cover fit in perfectly too. Yet, glossy materials have also been applied, which brings along inevitable drawbacks: fingerprints remain visible on almost the entire phone surface. And then if your hands tend to sweat excessively, you may not even manage to ever clean your mobile. Fingerprints are clearly seen on the keypad, the display, and all plates. ” Read more here: